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Hey there!

We want to give you a nice BIG Welcome to our Unconditional Love blog!!

So here is the question:  Do you really feel like you’ve ever been truly loved unconditionally?  We believe that a lot of people have not.  This can lead to various problems we have in life.  Our blog seeks to reveal God as the source of true unconditional love.  God is perfect in the way He loves, man is not.   By looking to God as our role model for unconditional love, we can learn more about how to know it and show it….for real!

In our weekly blog entries, on Fridays, we hope you will find insights and ideas to help you better navigate through life, and even find answers to things about yourself that may have puzzled you until now.  Here, we intend to be transparent and hope you will feel free to be yourself, too. Here, you won’t be judged or criticized, only accepted and beloved for the special and unique person that you are.  Here, together, we will learn to see each other through the eyes of God’s unconditional love.

Since we do not consider ourselves experts on this topic and are continually learning too, we’ll look forward to your input.  Caution, this is a “no hate” zone.  We show each other love and respect on this blog.  We want to be clear that unconditional love is never a reason to infringe upon accepted standards of human decency and never allows the well being of another to be compromised.

With your help, we desire to start a much needed, worldwide chain, of unconditional love.  We hope each one of you will link into this U Love chain, because each person matters, and each person deserves to know what real unconditional love is all about!  So, please join us here every Friday, and spread the word to as many people as possible!  We want you all to be a part of this stand for Unconditional Love!

Link into the U Love chain by joining here!


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