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Now, you may be wondering what in the world we’re talking about when we say, “Inspiration to Realize Something More.”   Actually, the words, something more, could mean just about anything.    But, when we speak of the term “something more,” we are referring to Rebecca’s popular song, Something More, which conveys the idea that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes.  You see, here’s where we get into the notion that we’ve all been created by God with a unique purpose and plan, special to each one of us.  Being in the center of that plan is where we will experience the greatest happiness and fulfillment in life.  After all, we’d be doing what we were created to do!

For us, there is enormous comfort in knowing that there is something greater in life beyond what we’re experiencing and seeing now.   Knowing that there is something amazing for us, set in motion by God, just waiting to be reached and ready to be attained, is exciting to us.  What about you?  We’re hoping you’re inspired to know that you were created with a purpose and plan unique to just you.  You see where we are going with this?  Here’s the connection.  Knowing, feeling, and living God’s true unconditional love sets the runway for you to take flight into the “Something More” that’s unique to your life.  Realizing God’s unconditional love, gives you a strong foundation of support.  Insulated, comforted, and protected, you can reach for more in life than you would have imagined, and fly!!

So, in the “Something More” section of this blog, whether we are being light-hearted or more serious, we’ll always try to motivate you to think about searching out more for your life than what you see with your eyes.   And we want to encourage you to come into God’s purpose for your life, and live it in an awesome and abundant way!

P.S. Whenever we say “U Love,” that stands for Unconditional Love!!  And, if you’d like to hear Rebecca’s songs, Unconditional Love, click here   …….and, Something More, click here!


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