You Gotta Know It To Show It!

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You Gotta Know It To Show It!

Welcome back!

So we left off last week talking about loving unconditionally everyone, including ourselves. So the question is….  Do any of us REALLY know how to show love unconditionally?  How to give it, receive it, or embrace it?  Sounds easy and you may think you’ve felt it or shown it, but, guess again.  What if we told you that rarely has anyone been loved unconditionally by another person in the way love was modeled by God.  What if we said that it’s possible that NO ONE has ever received, or felt from someone else, true, unconditional love, in its purest form, like we get from God.  This may be hard to believe, but, to us, it surely seems true!  And, why is this?  Because God’s love is perfect (as is He), and we are imperfect beings.  Thus, many of us don’t even know how to show real unconditional love!  Now, we’re not saying it’s impossible, but it can be hard to achieve the example of love set for us by God.  Even so, we can start to try!

You may be wondering what this has to do with you.  Well, the fact that many people have not received, or shown, true unconditional love, can be the root to many problems we have.  Do you have addictions, sickness, broken relationships, fears, stress, anxiety, struggles with extreme behaviors, and so on?  Do you feel an emptiness deep inside that you’ve been longing to fill, but everything you’ve turned to has just left you more empty and dissatisfied?  Are you trying to fill a void within your soul, by turning to anything and everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly- and NOTHING seems to ultimately help?  Maybe some things bring you temporary relief or fulfillment, but, after a while, it fades away leaving you more empty then before….and you need a refill, over and over and over….

If any of this describes you, then, hopefully, you are beginning to see what we are talking about.  It’s likely you are longing for, but haven’t yet felt in your life, God’s unconditional love.  And, if you haven’t felt loved unconditionally, then it’s possible that others in your life weren’t loved unconditionally….and if people aren’t feeling it, then people usually aren’t showing it….. and so on and so on it goes, thus revealing a never ending root problem with branches and branches of troubles, difficulties, and hurts.  How do we know this?  Because we’ve been there ourselves.  Life can be much more difficult without a foundation of God’s unconditional love in it. And God’s unconditional love really does help to begin inner healing, which then makes us better able to cope with what life has to offer.

Do people intentionally hurt one another?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but, either way, you can see that it usually happens out of one’s own hurts.  As rapper, Dre Vice, once said, “hurt people, hurt people.”  But, we can start changing the patterns right now, and become wiser than the problem.   Let’s be part of the solution…  The Unconditional Love Resolution!!  Why not link in to the chain of unconditional love that can begin to heal hearts and impact lives for the better?  Doesn’t that sound great?   See, we can start making change, for ourselves and for the world, too……beginning right now!!!

“So, how do I link in to this Unconditional Love Chain and be part of the U Love Resolution???”  Check in next week to continue our journey!!

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