Inspiration to Realize Something More – Fam. Time!

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Inspiration to Realize Something More – Fam. Time!

In talking about Something More this week, we decided to go light-hearted, but with an important thought behind it.  We want to talk about families and pumpkins!!  So how do they relate?  We find that family, and quality time spent together as a family, is very important in life.  Families are there for a reason…. to support each other, love one another, and be there for each other through anything, so you don’t have to feel alone, and you know you always have a support system.  Even so, we know this is not always how it works in families.

Without sounding pie-in-the-sky (pun intended LOL), and understanding that there are many broken families, we want to encourage you to think about building your family unit as best as you can.  Showing God’s unconditional love can draw the family closer together, and make it stronger.  This is not always easy (and we say that from experience), but always desirable.

So, if you also are in a situation where family is scarce, perhaps you can try reaching out to friends, where maybe you can become an extended family member.  We have friends that do this, and, for them, it works!  All sides benefit.  Whatever the situation, let’s all try to be aware of others who need some extra family-like unconditional love in their lives.  What’s that old saying?  “Reach out and touch someone!!”  Let’s reach out and touch each others’ lives with God’s U Love!!

In keeping with that idea, our immediate family makes it a priority to spend quality time doing anything…as long as we’re together!  Recently, we had a relaxing afternoon outing at a gorgeous park and farm, enjoying the beautiful, natural surroundings this Fall season brings.  We’ve included for you to see, some pictures of Rebecca walking in a pumpkin patch.  It was a fun time together as a family.  And we encourage each of you, whenever possible, to find special time with any family or friends you have, and to cherish your time with them.  After seeing all these pictures of pumpkins, check in with us next week, for info. on a tasty pumpkin treat!  Ciao!!


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