Lookin’ Thru the Lens of Love

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Lookin’ Thru the Lens of Love

Hi!!  Welcome back!  We’re so happy you’re here to continue with us on the path of U Love!  (reminder…U Love = Unconditional Love!)  Ready to begin?  Let’s dive in!

We’ve already talked about the fact that when unconditional love exists among people, this can positively impact the world. That’s a given!  But, how does this happen?  One of the specific outcomes that should occur from a chain of unconditional love is to bring unity back to people.  Just think this through with us… when we as individuals have our inner hurts healed, and we are feeling U Love stirring in our hearts, then an outflow of U Love to others can naturally occur.  Like a chain reaction, this can bring healing into the world.  And it begins with each one of us, one person at a time, becoming a link in the chain of unconditional love.

Instead of letting differences with others cause division and strife, what if we looked at one another through a lens of U Love, seeing each other heart to heart… looking past any issues that would cause us to criticize or judge one another, and, instead, see ourselves as part of one race….the human race.  Imagine how that could draw us together, and bind up brokenness between individuals and people groups.  U love should nurture acceptance of one another, no matter what color, beliefs, or outlooks have separated us.   Hey everyone… we can overcome hate,  if U Love prevails!    When there are disagreements, try to apply the saying, “let’s agree to disagree.”  Then move on in U Love!

Here’s a for instance…think about the way people often behave when tragedy strikes.  You see people immediately put aside differences and unite for the common goal of helping one another, showing compassion and love to one another in order to get through whatever difficulty has arisen.  We saw a lot of that during hurricane Sandy.  But why must we wait for a tragedy to strike, for us to unite as one?  Why is it that people tend to exhibit more love, compassion, and an overlooking of each others differences when there’s a difficult situation?  Shouldn’t there be love like this among people all the time?  Well, that’s what the U Love chain can bring to the world.  And it starts right here, right now, with all of us making the decision to show U Love!

Something to ponder for this week…..see you next time!

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