What Are You Worth?

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What Are You Worth?


In this week’s “Something More” section, we want to talk a little bit about something more serious…..two words……self-worth.   What you are about to read is from Rebecca’s perspective. (Joan will speak out next week.) Everything I (Rebecca) am about to say, I say to myself, too.   Society can definitely mamoney cartoonke me feel that in order to have any sort of self-worth, importance, or status, I have to be famous, rich, sexy, beautiful, well educated, have brains, have a successful career or whatever!   Maybe some of you can relate to this.  Sometimes, we can be made to feel that we have to be whatever society “says” gives us self-worth or importance to actually have value.   And, I admit, it’s easy to get caught up in that thinking and start feeling down on yourself if you don’t live up to society’s standards.   But, I want to tell you that who you are, your self-worth, your identity is not based on any of that so-called “stuff.”   You see, without all of that “stuff,” it’s really about who you are as a person on the inside, your character, your heart.

We were all created with unique characteristics, and we are all beautiful and important with special status to God.  All of the things that society says gives us importance or self-worth are mostly outward, temporary things, that, though nice to have, should not define who we are.  These are things that can so easily disappear in the blink of an eye…and, if they were all taken away, who would we be if we’ve found our self-worth in those things?

think about it cartoon

I know, as a young lady, there is a lot of pressure to be beautiful and to use sex appeal to be attractive….and that if you aren’t, maybe guys won’t like you.   And, guys, you might feel pressure to make a lot of money or have a successful career or be hot, or something else.  And I’m not saying all of that stuff is bad or anything. It’s definitely nice to have those things! But, that “stuff,” shouldn’t be what defines us as people.  I want to tell you, guy or girl, that your true worth is found in your character and heart, and not your sex appeal, money, career status, or any other outward thing.

God made each one mirror cartoon of us beautiful and special, and He looks at our hearts.   We are all of great significance and status to Him…forever.  And, I know there are people out there who will see us through His eyes….and love each of us for our heart and character, counting the outward things (beauty, money, career, etc.) as icing on the cake!   I think knowing who you are, and finding your self-worth in what God thinks of you, is way more appealing than having to be all sexy or rich, etc. in order for someone to like you.   And is that really what we want anyway?   Someone who’s into us mostly for our sex appeal, money, or status?   We’re worth more than that…..we’re beloved from the ultimate source!!!

I totally understand that this mindset about ourselves and our self-worth is somewhat different from society’s, and may not be easy to absorb.  Society often bombards us with opposite thinking which can start to wear and tear at our self-confidence, especially if we’re not fitting into the societal mold of what makes us valuable.   But, honestly, what gets me through times when I’m not feeling particularly important or special, is knowing that who I am on the inside, is a person that is loved and beautiful and important to God….always.  No matter what others say, this truth is something that is unchangeable and can never be taken away.  I rely on it.   It’s steadfast and helps to give me confidence to be myself, flaws and all.

And, if some people judge me for not fitting their standards, then they’re people whose opinions I don’t give much importance.  Like I said, there will be people who will see me and love me for my true inward identity.  It is the same for you, too.  And, above all, I want you to know how in love God is with you….how much He cherishes you….how important you are to Him, no matter what the world says.  You have great value just being you!  Have confidence in knowing that you are important without anything extra, but just in being who you are.  If we could only learn to look at each other in this way, seeing people’s worth solely in their inward beauty…..wouldn’t that shake things up and move us onto the path of U Love?!

Tune in next week for Joan’s perspective on this!

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