Bring It To The World!

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Bring It To The World!

Hey everyone!

In our last post we talked about how U Love unites people during difficult times. To continue this thought, have you noticed that, nowadays, there are numerous causes or relief efforts to “stop this” or “stop that”….like to stop the cyber bullying, or to stop the hate, to stop the wars, or to stop the pain.  All these, and many others, are very worthy causes.   But, see, if we could get this U Love thing down, many of these causes would naturally start to be taken care of.  Unconditional love is the ultimate relief effort!  No more putting a bunch of band aids over individual wounds.  This could be a definitive resolution!  Can you see that U Love has the potential to REALLY change the world… to help alleviate many problems before they even take hold?  U Love can heal and soothe from the inside out almost anything that hangs around in our feelings to make us feel unloved.  When we begin to embrace, receive, and give U Love, we can all have the opportunity to impact the world in a good way.

But, watch out…..unconditional love is contagious and rarely returns void.  If you want, you can try this little test.  When you are out among people, smile at everyone you encounter.  I (Joan) didn’t used to do this.  I admit I was, at times in the past, not always smiley and sometimes even a bit grumpy.  :(  But, in recent years, I changed all this.  And I noticed that when I smiled at others, they very often smiled back (even the people who initially looked unpleasant brightened with a smile in response to my own grin).  Even this tiny gesture evoked a response of U Love in return.  Imagine, expanding from a simple smile to greater U Love behaviors.

OK, now it’s Rebecca’s turn! If someone writes something hurtful to me on Facebook or Twitter, I try not to respond back to them with hurt or anger.  You know, the saying “turn the other cheek.”  (I even wrote a song about it to help me to remember to do it!  LOL)  Anyway, even though I may not feel like it right away, I always try to write something loving and kind in return. This almost always turns things right around!  I know that to respond in anger will only escalate the circumstances.  What might, initially, have been a very “yucky” situation, instead becomes something good!   Crisis averted!!  And, even better, I usually end up on good terms with the person who hurt me….because U Love is so hard to resist!  Honestly, showing U Love CAN make a difference, not just in your own life, but, also, in the lives of others.

Now, we know that these examples are very minor and fairly easy to overcome.  We call these initial U Love behaviors “surface changes.”  Obviously, people face challenges in life that are far more difficult to work out.  Even so, we want to encourage everyone to go beyond “surface changes” into making “major U Love changes” that will truly exemplify unconditional love and create long-lasting lifestyle change.  We’ll dig deeper into the “how to” of all this as we continue on in upcoming blogs.  But for now, let’s all get motivated to EMBRACE U LOVE!!!!!   As we exercise our U Love muscles every day, they’ll just keep on getting stronger and stronger!!!!

Reader Response Alert!!!  Now that we’ve given you a sampling of some of our own U Love encounters, we want to hear some of yours.  Feel free to write in to us to give us the scoop on your own U Love challenges.  But, please keep in mind when you write to us, that we are trying to inspire one another to U Love!!


P.S.  For those of you who are interested in hearing Rebecca’s song, Turn the Other Cheek  click here! 




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