Consider the Source

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Consider the Source

Hey everyone! Hope everybody’s been giving a lot of thought to this whole U Love concept.  This week we’ll be looking at the first step in finding U Love. Just to let you know, this post will be more spiritual than other posts, because the source of U love comes from a spiritual place. This will hopefully enhance your life, so please walk this out with us and give the ideas a chance to gel with you.

We’ve been discussing in our previous blogs the question: what is the resolution to much of the hurt, difficulty, and negativity that can take place in life? The answer (of course): UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. But if, as we’ve suggested before, it’s easier said than done to show and feel true, unconditional love….where does that leave us?? You may be thinking U Love sounds so good, but where do I start? How can I start embracing and feeling this love for myself?heart sun cartoon

We have a simple answer. It’s difficult to show it, know it, or feel it apart from the ultimate, one true source of Unconditional Love. And what is that one, true source you may ask? One word…God. This word means love. God = Unconditional Love. He created it. He shows it. He gives it. He IS it. When we get to know this love, understand it and feel it in a real way…when this love becomes our reality, and fills every part of our being….positive changes of all kinds can naturally result. This is the starting point to know the ultimate, true, life changing, Unconditional Love. NO STRINGS ATTATCHED.  NO PAYMENT REQUIRED. How cool is that???

We understand that just mentioning God may put some people off. We want to reassure you that having God in the picture is a good thing, and can begin to bring the well being you so desire in life. Who wouldn’t want to know they are so very loved and accepted? And, if you are wondering if we’re about to get all religious on you, not so. We are not, at all, talking about religion. Mentioning God does not instantly mean religion. Instead, we are simply pointing out that the role model for the kind of love we are discussing can be seen in the love of God. You see, the concept of God and His unconditional love is not religious at all; it’s a universal concept for all mankind that transcends religion. It’s as essential to survival as is oxygen to breathe. We all need it.

Just think about it……..we’ll pick up on this next week! 

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