If You Could Only Imagine….

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If You Could Only Imagine….

Hi everyone!

So…we left you two weeks ago thinking about the idea that God’s unconditional love is as essential to survival as is oxygen to breathe.  And, just as we need oxygen to survive, we need to be loved unconditionally.  Without this love, parts of us inside can feel like they’re withering away.  Has anyone else besides us ever felt this way?

Every human, whether we realize it or not, deep within, has a longing and desire to be loved and accepted, unconditionally, for whom we are in our entirety.  (We’re hoping that many of you are shaking your heads in agreement with us.)  We’ve found that when we don’t experience that love in its depth, it leaves us a little, or a lot, empty, with holes within our hearts and souls.  Then those empty spots and wounds can become the dwelling places of any kind of negative thing.  And, if not healed, those wounds can open more and more.  We may desperately try to fill or heal those voids with anything and everything.  None of this fully satisfies, because they are only counterfeits of what we were truly made to be filled up with…. the Unconditional Love of God.  People can try to resist the love of God (not always on purpose), but it’s not possible to avoid it indefinitely and still feel fully loved.

By now, we hope we have you wondering exactly what this kind of love is like.  If we were to describe it in our limited ability to fully convey it, we would have to say that it is a love that is so intense, so fierce, so abounding, and so overflowing, that it floods every nook and cranny of your being.  It is so different from any other kind of love because it is fully satisfying (and, yet, it fully prepares you for other types of love in life).

In our experience with God’s unconditional love, it generally subdues the desperation that can come about in searching for other types of love.  It is so fulfilling, so overwhelmingly good, that nothing else compares.  This love never leaves you empty, or wanting more.  It never leaves you or forsakes you….period.  It never walks away from you, even if you walk away from it.  Even if you run from it, it will never stop wanting you.

We are talking about a love that will fight for you, defend you, and protect you.  It’s always there waiting with arms wide open.  No matter who you are, what you’ve done, what you’ve become; no matter your background, age, color, gender, race, or culture; no matter how “good” or “bad” you’ve been; no matter what you think of yourself or what others think of you….God’s U Love still wants YOU.  It will never stop wanting you.  Nothing you do will scare off U Love or make it stop loving you.  God’s U Love is brave enough and big enough to overcome anything you’ve done.   U Love is just waiting for you to let HIM in, so He can start doing something pretty amazing in your life.  Don’t know about you, but for us personally, this is very comforting!

We’ve made a video especially for you, to try to convey God’s true, unconditional love for you. We encourage you to watch it as many times as you want.  It can begin the initial step of receiving and knowing just how unconditionally loved you are!  The same way people take medicine to heal physical sicknesses or wounds, we hope that watching this video will be like medicine for emotional wounds in your heart and soul.  We personally love to watch this video, because each time we do, we receive a new burst of U Love!

We intended for this video to be like a love letter from God.  Please enjoy the sentiment!!
(P.S. There is audio to the video….so be sure to turn up the volume!)

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