From the Inside Out

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From the Inside Out

Hi everyone!! We’re glad to have you back here at our weekly “Something More” talk! In the previous couple of weeks, we talked about finding our self-worth and value not in outward “stuff” (sex appeal, money, outward beauty, status, fame, etc.), but in who we are on the inside and knowing we’re treasured (flaws and all) by God. So, in this Something More section, we want to build a bit on last week’s concept, but get more specific……..and this will apply mostly to the ladies. But, we invite all guys to read this, also.

From Rebecca’s perspective: It seems like, nowadays, the trend in clothing is to be sexier and sexier…showing off more and more skin. And I have to say I understand how this feels, and why it happens – because society often makes us feel like the more “goods” that we show, the sexier and more attractive we’ll be. It seems like society has taught many of us women to feel like we have to sell our sex appeal in order to be desirable or to feel like we have value.  It’s definitely a continual challenge for me to try not to let myself feel like this, and to remind myself to have more self-respect. I kind of feel like it’s somewhat demeaning to women to feel like we have to flaunt our bodies, at times, in order to feel wanted. Ideally, a good part of the attention we get should come from our character and from who we are on the inside…..with our beauty coming from the inside out. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad to be outwardly beautiful…..that’s a great thing and can definitely help to boost our self-confidence. I love getting compliments when I’m looking good!  LOL  I’m just talking about trying to not let that outward beauty be the main thing in which I base my appeal and value.

What if we thought about it this way……if you show everything and give it all away, right in the initial view, what’s left to the imagination?? Where’s the mystery?? It’s like, “Oh, that’s how it looks.” And the viewer may move on to the next person. LOL Seriously, there’s no wondering, no thinking, nothing… no kidding! Once everything is seen, it can leave less interest because the full view has been seen, and there’s not much to look forward to. Instant gratification. Where’s the suspense?! It’s like the whole present  is given away immediately and there’s no room for anticipation.

Personally, I think it’s way sexier to show off some, but not everything, and leave the rest to the imagination….. keep the person wondering!  I think leaving a little mystery is sexier and classier. And classy, mysterious women, who don’t give everything away, are often attractive to guys. I think deep down, what intrigues a lot of guys is a classy lady with some mystery, and the confidence to not show a ton of skin from the get go. Don’t we deserve to get attention and respect for who we are rather than just for how we look?

Now, don’t get me wrong here, just because I think it’s sexy to not show too much skin, doesn’t mean I think you should wear a potato sack! Fashion and dressing all cute is one of my passions! There are a lot of ways to be fashionable and dress edgy, while keeping in mind that showing a ton of skin doesn’t necessarily make it more attractive. My mom and I happen to clash a little bit on standards of dress, which I’m sure you’ll hear about from her next week LOL. However, I’ve posted some photos here of some outfits I like that I think are fashionable and edgy, but not too racy. And I’m sure you ladies can come up with some too! In fact, I would love for you to send in some photos of some fashionable outfits you’ve put together, that still show some mystery! And, if you’d like, I can post some of the pix you send in on an upcoming “Something More” section! Just let us know if you are OK with that. Talk to you next week!!

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