From The Inside Out – Part II

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From The Inside Out – Part II

Hey guys!

Back for Joan’s take on Rebecca’s comments in the January 4, Something More, post.  Sorry to make you look back two weeks, but we thought it was important to interrupt our scheduled discussions with last week’s more urgent posts.

I find Rebecca’s thoughts on the issue of modesty vs. sexiness to be mostly right on!  (Don’t get the idea that we always agree on things.  There have definitjeansely been some major tug-of-war battles on certain issues!!!  LOL  But, on this, we mostly agree.)  If you wonder why I say mostly we agree, because even though we do have similar ideas about standards of dress, we are, after all, from different generations and this alone can bring differing perspectives.  And, so, yes, there are occasional clashes.

The most recent conflict centers around just how tight Rebecca’s clothing should be. Rebecca feels pretty comfortable with clothing that is fairly tight around her frame.  I, on the other hand, feel that the tighter the item gets, the more it reveals. Hence, the collision of opinions. On this issue, Rebecca is winning as evidenced by this photo of her newly purchased jeans. What do you think about all this?

I actually find it to be an interesting phenomenon to watch the change, since I was younger, in societal values regarding the behavior and dress code for women.   Growing up, what was emphasized mostly to me was good manners, ladylike behavior, and modest but elegant dress.  (Believe me, I was not a successful role model for these principles; but I did try!)  I also tried to teach those values to Rebecca, too.  I guess on some of this, I did succeed!

But, in today’s world, it seems that the values I grew up with are ever changing.  I see that what I was taught to be good manners are not acover up cartoon 1lways applied.  And, in regards to modesty, it seems like anything goes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking here about fashion that’s unusual and different.  I actually like unusual and different.  I think it’s fun to see people try “out of the box” things with their style.  It’s a neat way to express oneself.  And that’s cool!!  (Rebecca does this with her love of animal print.  She is over the top with animal print clothing, accessories, and home furnishings!)  Where I think we could reassess is when fun and different turns into what I call, supreme extreme.  This is when fashion pushes the envelope past the point of any semblance of modesty by revealing what I consider to be way too much skin.

I read an article recently where the author said that “modesty is the new sexy.”  I think that’s true.  A little well placed modesty can be a good thing.  It can bring some allure into one’s appearance, along with a bit of mystery.  I guess I’m just not a big fan of suggesting to girls that their self worth can come from their sexiness or looks (which, by the way, can change over time).  I know we all have value way beyond what we’re wearing or how much skin is showing.

And isn’t that what we are really trying to say on this topic….that our attractiveness isn’t just outward, but also comes from the inside?  So many times I have met someone who becomes even more appealing after getting to know them and seeing their inward charm!  Guys and gals, let’s build our inward character to enhance our outward appearance.  That way we can be the best that we can be.  And it follows that we will feel a lot more comfortable in who we are.

Let’s think about it!!  Maybe I’ve convinced some of you to move on over to my side of the issue…See you next time!!!

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