MIF: Marshmallow Impossible Force

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MIF: Marshmallow Impossible Force

Rebecca:  Ok, so we’ve talked a lot about why we need unconditional love.  I think it’s about time we get into the meatier part of how to actually start showing more U Love!  And a good way to do that is to look right at the definition. So what’s the first line of the “U Love Definition?”……. Love is patient.  Sounds easy, right?  Wrong.  Maybe it’s easy for you to be patient with people, but it’s not necessarily always easy for everyone… especially not for me and my mom sometimes.  I could go into depth explaining how to be patient, but I think I’d rather just share a real-life experience that we could learn from….a situation that will tell us how NOT to act. LOL This could also be an opportunity for my mom and me to show you that we’re still on the road to learning how to get this U Love thing down, and are not yet perfect at it!

So do you remember our “Something More” post on December 14, 2012, about making the Pumpkin Chiffon Pie?  Everything seemed nice, sweet, and great…. right?  Well here’s the scoop of what REALLY happened behind the scenes of that post.

My mom and I had all the ingrmarshmallow edients set up and ready to go to make the pie. However, I think that one of the things that’s fun about cooking, is snacking on the yummy chocolate chips or little extra sweet ingredients during the cooking process.  Now, with this recipe, what was there to eat?  Marshmallows.  I thought we had plenty of marshmallows for the pie, and that there were extras to be eaten. So I was munching, munching, munching away at the marshmallows, and apparently, my mom kept telling me to stop eating them (I don’t think she did, but she says she did).

To make a long story short, when it came time to count up the marshmallows to add to the mix, we were one short. We needed 32 and we only had 31.  Uh oh…….  Yes, I knew whose fault that was. But, to me, this was no big deal.  Short one marshmallow?  Ok, it’s fine, no one will notice the difference. BUT……when my mom found out, she went ballistic. Now I couldn’t understand why she would go nuts over ONE marshmallow?!  ONE!!!!  So I kept trying to calm her down but she kept getting more and more upset.  And then, when I saw her getting more and more angry, I started to get angry that she was making such a big deal over one little marshmallow!  And we kept adding more “fuel to the fire” until we both just LOST IT.  (I’m sure my mom will have a response to all of this).

I was freaking out at the fact that she was freaking out over a silly marshmallow. And soon the argument took on a life of its own. It wasn’t even about the original issue of the marshmallow anymore!! We got to the point where my mom lashed out with “I’m not doing this U Love blog with you anymore! Forget it!” and me arguing back with some angry response.  I have to say it wasn’t pretty. And it went back and forth like this for awhile, only escalating.Angry mom cartoon

But then finally, in the middle of all of this, a light bulb went off and it was like….umm knock knock…hello???  We’re making this pumpkin pie for a blog about U LOVE!!!  And what are we doing???  Arguing!!!  And showing the opposite of U Love!  It was actually really funny. (Well, not at the time)  You had to be there. And I eventually was like OK, we’re doing this whole thing about Unconditional Love and we’re sitting here freaking out at each other.  We have to fix this.  Let’s actually DO what we TALK about in the U Love blog.  What a novel idea! So we calmed down and applied U Love to the situation, and you know what?  It worked!  We apologized and started showing patience and U Love to one another again.  So..through showing U Love, this blog’s life was saved, because it almost ended over one marshmallow!  See how not showing patience and U Love can cause hurts and problems?

Now obviously, since we’re talking about patience being a big part of U Love in this post, let’s bring it all around full circle. That whole argument between me and my mom could have been completely averted if, at any point, either one of us had chosen to respond to the other with patience. My mom could’ve responded to me with patience when she saw that we were one marshmallow short.  I could’ve responded with patience when I saw how upset she got at us being one marshmallow short.  And so on and so on.  Really, there were lots of places where both of us could have showed U Love to stop the whole conflict. Yet, even, when applied at the height of the situation, it calmed things down and restored peace and love.

So what’s the moral of the story?  BE PATIENT from the get go, so you can avoid a Joan and Rebecca situation. LOL  And remember, it’s never too late in any situation to show patience and U Love!

Stop by next week to hear Joan’s side of the story!!!

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