Life is like a Bowl of Mole’ Sauce

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Life is like a Bowl of Mole’ Sauce

Rebecca:  Today’s U Love post was inspired by one of my favorite sauces ever. It’s called Mole’ sauce and it’s a delicious, spicy, chocolate, Mexican sauce with chicken in it… and it’s just divine!! Now, you may be wondering why I would write a U Love post about Mole’ sauce. Let me explain. I recently was eating the sauce for dinner, and decided to post a picture of the Mole’ sauce on some of my social networks. I was so excited to post a picture of something that I loved to eat, thinking other people would see the deliciousness of it and love it too. However, the response I got wasn’t completely pleasant.mole' sauce

One person in particular wrote, “Guh-rossss!!!” This took me by surprise because I only had feelings of fondness for this sauce. I was trying to figure out how something I found to be so wonderful could be taken so the opposite way by another person.  And so I realized something. You know the saying,“Is the glass half empty or half full?”  This Mole’ sauce really exemplified that saying to me.

You’ll see from the picture which I’ve posted here, that you can view the appearance of the Mole’ sauce in one of two ways.  You can either think Mole’ sauce looks like a spicy, thick, chocolate sauce, oozing with mouth-watering flavor (and then want to dive in and eat it all up); or you can view it as a pile of pooh, and get the gross, negative feelings that would go along with that outlook. Both viewpoints demand some kind of fulfillment, and both viewpoints strongly affect how the situation will turn out.

You’ll either end up feeling positive with a desire to experience this tremendously wonderful delicacy; or you’ll end up feeling grossed out and yucky, wanting to run away from the plate of sauce. It’s all in your perspective. If you look at the Mole’ sauce as a yummy, spicy, chocolate sauce, you will want to experience it to its fullest; and if you look at it like a pile of pooh to be avoided, you won’t be able to think of it in any other way. Do you see where I’m going with all this?

Here’s the big reveal.  This concept also applies to life. You see, everything in life, is largely dependent upon your outlook on it. You can look at life like a pile of pooh, which will naturally lead to negativity in varying ways. Then, life will not be so pleasant. Or, you can look at life as a bright, promising expanse of time filled with hope about the wonderful plan that God has in store for you. How things go in life, will very much depend upon your viewpoint. I’m clearly trying to encourage everyone to glass half full cartoonlook at life like it’s a glass half full!

Now, this can go even one step further. And here is how it connects to the concept of U Love.  What if we applied the Mole’ sauce example to how we relate to people? Did you ever notice that our viewpoint of people can affect our behavior towards them?  When we like someone, they can do almost no wrong in our eyes.  It’s easy to let U Love prevail in that situation.  But, when we dislike someone, and U love is not at the forefront, it’s much harder to like things about them or view them in a positive way.

I’m just saying that we can either look at people like a pile of pooh, and only look at their negative aspects (which everyone has); OR, we can choose to overlook people’s negatives and see them through the lens of U Love (like we’ve been talking about so much in this blog).  I’m encouraging you to make the choice to see the good in people and look on their bright side. Believe it or not, there’s always some good in everyone, even if it’s in a small amount. LOL And it’s up to us to choose to look at the good in others, which will actually help us show U Love better! Our relationships with people will be brighter and more enjoyable as a result…and, low and behold, when you add a positive outlook, you get a happier life filled with God’s U Love!!!

Check in next week for my mom’s comments on all this.  And be sure to join the U Love chain  Just click here!!

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