Just Do Your Best, and God Will Take Care of the Rest

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Just Do Your Best, and God Will Take Care of the Rest

A while back there was a tag line for a cigarette ad that said, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.”  (We’re not supporting cigarette smoking.  It’s just that the ad tag line fit in with our post.)   In the news recently, was a story of a young teen who went way beyond this idea.  But, instead of walking to buy cigarettes, he was willing to walk twenty miles in a snow storm in the hopes of landing a minimum wage job.  It’s a remarkable story that inspires us to think about where we can apply determination in our own lives.teen walking in snow cartoon

The account of the saga was reported to the news by a man who owned a restaurant outside of a small town.  On this particular day, in the middle of a snowstorm, the man saw a teen walking on the sidewalk towards town.  The teen stopped to ask how much further it was to a certain street he was trying to reach in town.  The man said that the destination was seven miles away and that it was too treacherous out to walk.  He suggested the teen take a bus.  The teen thanked him and continued on his way.

About twenty minutes later, the man had to run an errand into town and was driving down the road when he spotted the teen still walking on the sidewalk towards town.  The man stopped the car and asked the teen why he had not taken the bus.  The teen replied that he had no money for the bus, and that he was walking to a job interview to help his situation.  The man also learned that the teen’s starting point was ten miles from the final destination.  This was a whopping twenty mile round trip on foot in an icy snow storm.  In a deliberate act of kindness (we talked about this in a previous post), the man then drove the teenager to the interview, and told him that, if need be, he would give him a job in his restaurant.

Practice deliberate kindness cartoon Later on in the news story, we see the teen being interviewed by a news reporter.  It’s moving to see the humility of the teen, as well as his gratitude for the good fortune of meeting the man who then became his employer. We don’t think it was any coincidence that the teen ran into the restaurant owner on his way to the job interview. To us, it certainIy was a “God wink” (when something good happens and you know it’s God smiling down on you). The teen was willing to apply perseverance and determination in the face of adversity to achieve his goal and move ahead.  And God was watching over him and blessing his efforts. God made sure that this teen got a job for which he was hoping.

We really believe there are valuable lessons to be learned from this story.  No matter what circumstances we may be facing, with drive, determination, and humility, we can almost always make a change for the better and find a way out.  You’ve probably heard people say that God helps those who help themselves. We’re not in total agreement with that saying.  After all, God is so unconditionally loving and gracious that He wants to go above and beyond to help us in all situations. However, we also believe that God wants us to put in human effort and do our part as well, and not just sit around waiting for things to happen.  So, let’s take a lesson from this teen.  If we persevere in life and do our best, God will step in and take care of the rest!!

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