Don’t Let Your Eggs Boil Over

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Don’t Let Your Eggs Boil Over


I was cooking some eggs for breakfast today to make them hard boiled.  I have a routine I follow when hard boiling eggs so that they come out perfectly every time.  I use a glass pot with a handle that fits up to six eggs.  This pot has a lip on it that allows you to easily pour out the water after the eggs are done.  But, here’s the catch.  When I am cooking the eggs, I have to closely watch the water in the pot to make sure the water doesn’t boil over.  If the water boils over onto the coils of the burner, it makes a mess in my electric range.  So, when the water is near boiling, I watch it carefully so that I can turn the heat down at just the correct time so that the water still boils, yet does not overflow.  Whew, all that for hahard boiled eggsrd boiled eggs!

The timing of knowing when to turn down the heat has become an art for me.  By turning the heat down too soon, it stops the eggs from reaching their proper cooking temperature.  If the heat is turned down too late, well, the water overflows and I have a messy stove to clean up.  There are multiple changes I could make in the process so that this tricky procedure would be easier.  But, I don’t even try.  There is something oddly comforting in following this specific routine every time I make hard boiled eggs.

Wondering yet where I am going with all this??  For me, I feel like life can be just like making those hard boiled eggs.  It seems that everything in life needs to be watched carefully so that it doesn’t get botched up.  But, I’ve noticed that, just like turning the heat down on the eggs too soon, if I move too quickly to manage life’s circumstances, things can fizzle out.  And, if I wait too long without action, circumstances can move in undesired directions.  So, I watch, and I plan things out in detail hoping for the best, and, guess what?  They still don’t always work out.  There are always unforeseen difficulties that arise that need to be dealt with.  Sometimes I feel as though I move in life from one challenge to another, with little rest in between.  Can anyone out there relate to this?

So, as I waited for the eggs to shard boiled egg on top of mountaintart to boil today, I contemplated all this.  Going through life as I described above can be wearying.  Ever see that circus act where the juggler puts multiple plates on long sticks and has to balance them all in the air at once so they do not fall and break?  I often feel like I am like that juggler.  I have to remind myself that God has a better way…which is to just let Him be in charge of life.  He has advance notice of the unforeseen hurdles we have to overcome.  And, He will help us through those difficulties, if we lean on Him.

To emphasize this point, I recently spoke to a man who told me an encouraging story.  His wife was a nurse who cared for terminally ill children.  The wife was incredibly dedicated to keeping the children alive as long as possible.  She never took a vacation because she always wanted to be available for the children to help them in emergency circumstances.  She successfully kept numerous children alive for years beyond doctors’ expectations.  Now, for many years, this woman secretly desired to vacation in Hawaii.  She never told anyone about her dream because she never thought it could possibly happen.  But God knew this secret desire.  When she retired, someone gave her a winning sweepstakes ticket for a free vacation in Hawaii.  Was this just a coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Enough said?

Letting God take the lead was a hard thing for me to learn to do.  I am not the kind of person who easily lets go of the reins of life.  But, I have learned to do just that (and not easily I might add).  I often compel myself to loosen my grip on circumstances and allow God to take charge.  When I see a challenge arise, I am training myself to hold back and see how God begins to work it out.  Invariably, circumstances work out just fine (with little interference from me, I might add).  Honestly, I have found this to be a very good approach to life.  Things work out much better than if I try to plan them out on my own.  And, I am finding I have more energy to just relax and enjoy more of life.  For me, this has been a winning strategy.  Perhaps it will be for you, too.  Why not give it a try?

See you next time!

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