Toss Fear into the Trash!!

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Toss Fear into the Trash!!

This week we thought we would tackle the topic of fear.  It’s quite a daunting subject to discuss because fear can be so overwhelming in people’s lives; and the causes, consequences and outcomes of fear are so far reaching.  Since we are not trained therapists, we will analyze the theme of fear from a Biblical perspective.  On a personal note, because we have, at times, struggled with issues of fear, we have delved into the matter at great length.fear cartoon

The Bible speaks pretty directly about fear.  “There is no fear in love.  But perfect love casts out all fear.”  These are two powerful statements which hold deep meaning.  They show us the cause and remedy for fear.  Simply stated, perfect, unconditional love as shown us by God contains no fear, and actually drives it out of our lives.

Why is this so important?  Because fear is a MAJOR underlying issue to countless problems and diseases people face in life.  Many people struggle with fear of some sort, and the fear most likely manifests itself in their lives in some yucky way or another…. possibly through a sickness, addiction, or hindrance for something they want to do in life.  Fear can interfere with so much.  It has to be overcome to reach the ultimate heights we may want to attain in life.

According to Dr. Henry Wright, an internationally known teacher on the spiritual roots of disease, “When you have not experienced perfect love in the place of nurturing, there is a type of fear that comes and stays with you until it is dealt with.  It compounds itself and builds and the first thing you know, you have a problem that never goes away.  Fear must be dealt with.”

Dr. Wright goes on to say that “living in a loveless atmosphere of perfectionism, legalism and drivenness makes you feel the harder you try, the behinder you get.”  He then says, “If you have not been loved perfectly and fear comes, what is going to chase it away?  Someone just loving on youanti fear cartoon.”  Dr. Wright is, of course, talking about loving each other unconditionally.

We all know that fear may not be so easy to conquer.  Sometimes we try and try to not feel afraid of some things, but, somehow, we just can’t seem to stop feeling the fear. Try to remember the Biblical principle, “perfect love casts out all fear.”  And, as Dr. Wright reiterates, what gets rid of fear?  PERFECT LOVE….aka, unconditional love.  You see when we create a lifestyle of living in perfect love, where we feel it, receive it, and know it, there’s no room for fear and no reason to fear. Think about it…..when we know how unconditionally loved, cherished, and protected we are, what is there to fear?  Fear can’t exist in perfect love, because fear is the opposite of love.

And where have we talked about finding this love?  Naturally, we should try to show U Love to one another, but since no human is perfect and we cannot show love perfectly, we can always go to God. He shows us perfect love, always.  As we begin to dwell in that love, fear goes flying out the door.  When we know, without a doubt, how fully and perfectly loved we are, a peace settles into our soul that is like no other. That peace helps problems and sicknesses clear up because we’re not nearly as anxious, stressed, or worried.  The ultimate medicine in life isn’t necessarily a prescription drug (not that we are against medicine when it’s necessary).  The ultimate remedy is God’s perfect love.  Let’s learn it and show it!!  Talk to you next week!

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