Let Go and Let God!

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Let Go and Let God!

Rebecca:  Hi all!

This is my follow-up to my mom’s comments in last week’s “Something More” post.  I definitely understand what she goes through in feeling like she has to plan out circumstances in life so they will work out in her desired way, only to see them not turn out the way she planned at all.  I understand this because I’ve also had the tendency to do that sometimes in life.  Perhaps some of you feel this way, too.

dance 1I came about this quite naturally.  I grew up in the performing arts/dance world, where everything is almost always planned out, controlled, and choreographed….especially in ballet.  It’s all about you being in control and planning out exactly what’s going to happen.  So I learned this from a young age, feeling like I had to sometimes “choreograph” things to try to make circumstances happen in my life.  However, time and time again, when I would try to “make” something happen in my own strength, it almost never turned out very well.  The circumstance I had intended for good, often turned out quite the opposite, making my efforts in vain.

Eventually, I started to notice this pattern.  And God showed me that I needed to “Let go and let God,” in whatever circumstance I was facing.  I realized I needed to let Him take the driver’s seat, because He is a WAY better driver than I am.  And, He knows exactly how to get me in the right direction because He’s the one that created the plan for my life in the first place!   Who better to guide you through your life path, than the One who created it, right?  And, you know what?  When I let God take charge of everything in life, it’s so much easier and less stressful!!  AND, it usually turns out so much better than anything I could have done.

So, I’ve started to apply this principle in my life.  I’m not saying I’m perfect with it yet, but I’m definitely better with it.  I’ve already started to see the benefits of letting God take over in my life, even in the small things.

For instance, one night I was trying to plan an outing with a group of friends for the next day, but I didn’t know who could come, or what we should do, etc.  I hadn’t been out with this group of friends in awhile, so I was really looking forward to it.  I started to go into my mode of trying to work everything out in my own way.  But the plans just weren’t working out.  I was pretty disappointed because I really wanted this outing to happen.  After all the “trying to work things out myself,” I suddenly felt that I should just stop everything I was doing, pray that God would work everything out the way He wanted, and go to sleep in peace. (This, of course, meant I would have to accept the outcome, too.)plans cartoon

Interestingly, right after I got that feeling, my mom came and told me she felt that I should just let God work it all out.  I took that as definite confirmation that I should just “Let go and let God.”   And, I did just that.  I prayed for God to work everything out, took my hands off the situation, and went to sleep.  Guess what?  The next day, everything did miraculously work out!  All the plans fell right into place, exactly how I had wanted it, without me having to do hardly anything!!!  And, of course, the outing turned out great!!!

So what’s the moral of my story?  “Let go and let God.”  I know my example was about something minor in life, but this principle can be applied to life’s major challenges, too.   I’ve found that, if I let Him, God really does delight in doing good for me.  He will for you, too.  You may remember from my post, “It’s Supernatural,” that I mentioned a verse from the Bible (Jeremiah 29:11) where God says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord; they are plans for peace, not disaster, to give you a future filled with hope.” That’s one of my favorite verses.  It reminds me that God has good plans for us already set up.  This is meant to give us hope! So, relax, let Him take the reins, and enjoy the awesome ride He takes you on in life.  Simple as that!  ‘Nuff said.  Talk to you next week!

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