More on Mole!!

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More on Mole!!

Joan:  This U Love post is my response to Rebecca’s post about Mole’ Sauce last week.  On a personal note, I’d like to go on record as saying that I do not care for Mole’ sauce.  I know that Rebecca adores the taste of the sauce and can eat it every day.  As for me, it’s way too spicy, and I am just not a fan of Mole’ sauce!  (To our dear friend who cooks some delightful Mexican delicacies for us, you’re a great cook!  I like everything else you make, especially your guacamole!)  OK, now that we have all that out of the way, let’s move on.

Rebecca made two crucial points about U Love last week. First, that a person’s outlook on life is often colored by whether life’s events are seen as a glass half full or a glass half empty.  Here’s what I know to be true.  Life has a way of throwing out some unexpected curve balls.  I’ve learned that it is critical to stay optimistic and to try to see the events with a potentially positive outcome.  If it’s not possible to think positively at the beginning, try at least to believe for a positive ending.  That, in and of itself, can bring something good out of it. homeless person

I know many stories that exemplify my point; it’s hard to pick just one out. What comes to the forefront of my mind is an account of a woman who, through no fault of her own, ended up homeless and living in shelters for many of her teen years.  As a result, she learned strong survival instincts that made her determined to never be in that position again. Remarkably, she was able even under those circumstances to apply to an ivy league college, which accepted her and gave her a scholarship to attend.  She graduated from that school and ended up with a very good career.

By her own admission, she would not have become so determined to succeed except for the dire circumstances that so dramatically shaped her life.  It is apparent that this young woman saw life as a glass half full.  In so doing, she was able to rise above the circumstances into a victorious outcome.  On the other hand, if she had looked at her circumstances as a glass half empty and not made the effort to change her life, the outcome could have been entirely different.  I firmly believe that by staying positive and not giving in to her situation, this woman gave God a chance to come into her life to help her.  God loves us and always wants to help us if we just let Him.

I’m not saying that a good outlook on life will always change circumstances for the better as it did for the woman in this illustration.  I am sure, though, that staying positive will certainly make it easier to cope with difficult situations in life. AND, it allows God to come into the picture to help us.  Even more, we can become better able to apply the U Love principles. Some of us may find it easier than others to stay optimistic when life challenges us, but I encourage everyone to try.  Don’t give up!!!  Hang in there for the victory!!  (Here I speak to Rebecca and myself, as well as to everyone else.)

Rebecca’s second BOOK pic. 4 point I want to comment on is about how we view others.  I could so relate to Rebecca’s statement that when we like someone, they can do little wrong in our perspective; BUT, when we dislike someone, there is almost nothing they can do to be pleasing to us. There are times when I literally have to fight my feelings in order to have a positive outlook towards someone else.  (I guess this is no surprise to those of you who read my post about the woman with the dog on the airplane).

I got to thinking about why it is so hard to “love the unlovely.”  My conclusion is that, quite often, it has to do with our expectations of others.  If they do not meet our expectations, we can become disappointed and so it’s much harder to love them unconditionally.  For instance, I was recently reading an article about Kelly Clarkson in which she was bubbling over with love for her new fiancé.  Kelly was quoted as saying that “she had never been loved right by a man before her fiancé.”  He sounds like  a great guy.  I wish them all the best.

Right now, Kelly’s fiancé is meeting her expectations.  It’s possible, though, that at some time in the future, when life tests them, her fiance could disappoint her, not necessarily on purpose, but just because he is human and imperfect (as we all are).  Disappointment can happen in any relationship.  Applying the U Love principles will help love to prevail through any adversity.

Here’s my point, it is impossible for everyone in our lives to always meet our expectations. In our humanness, at times, we will disappoint one another.  Nevertheless, we can make it our choice to see others through God’s eyes and U Love them anyway, knowing that this is how God loves us.  And, that’s how we can begin to spread U Love around!!

See you next time!  Please remember to join our U Love chain.  Just link in here!

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