What You Feel Isn’t Always What’s Real

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What You Feel Isn’t Always What’s Real


In this week’s Unconditional Love post, I decided to write about something really personal. We often hear people talk about how much God loves us.  We hear about it over and over, but I feel like that phrase has become somewhat watered down.  From my observation, sometimes God’s love doesn’t count for much in people’s lives anymore.  It’s sort of like the fact that God loves us has lost some meaning.  Like it’s just a phrase people say without really taking it seriously.  Is it possible we could be taking God’s love for granted?new cartoon 2

Really, if you think deeply about God’s love for us and meditate on it, the concept has great power and depth behind it.  One time on Facebook, I came across a picture that had a quote from God that read, “To my children, if I had to choose between loving you and breathing……I would use my last breath to tell you……I LOVE YOU.”  When I read that I started to cry a little bit, because that statement says it all, about the depth and truth of God’s love for us.  Just sit there for a minute, close your eyes, and take that statement into your heart.  It’s true…. even if it feels like it couldn’t be.

Now, I have to be honest and say that sometimes I struggle with actually feeling like God loves me.  Do you ever just feel like God couldn’t possibly love you?  Maybe you think this because of something you’ve done wrong, or perhaps you just don’t feel worthy.  I know that some of us just don’t think we’re lovable.  I know sometimes I feel like He doesn’t love me.

I’d like you to look back at the last sentence in the previous paragraph. Then look at the fifth word in the sentence.  It says feel. That’s the key word.  Sometimes I may not feel like God loves me, but that’s where I have to catch myself.  You see, when it comes to God, we can’t base what we think or know about Him on our feelings.

Let me explain. God is a spirit who dwells in the spirit realm (you may remember we talked about that in the post “It’s Supernatural”).  As humans, we also have a spirit within us (as well as a soul and physical body).  Our physical body is what houses our spirit and soul.  Our feelings can easily be affected by things in the physical world around us.  But God bypasses our feelings to connect to us through our spirit.

Bible truth cartoon And it is through our spirit that we learn to know the truth about God.  That knowledge of spiritual truth comes from reading the Bible, which is full of God’s truth.  So when my feelings tell me that God doesn’t love me, I have to disregard those feelings and go look at God’s truth in the Bible.  No matter what I am feeling, I always find truth in the Bible.  No matter what I’m feeling, I can know from the Bible that God loves me unconditionally and beyond what I could ever imagine.  It’s hard for human beings to comprehend the complete vastness of His love, but it’s all there for us to read in the Bible.  I’ve written below a few of my favorite verses.

From Jeremiah 31:3 it says:

“God appeared to me saying, ‘I love you with an everlasting love; this is why in my grace I draw you to Me.’”

I try to keep my thoughts, mind, and beliefs on those words, not on my feelings, which can so negatively be influenced by anything in this world.  I center my mind on the true, steady Word of God which tells me what is real, no matter what I’m feeling.

So, if you are ever feeling like God could never love you……go open the Bible and start reading what’s REAL and TRUE despite what you feel.  The truth is that God loves you unconditionally and forever, and accepts you in whatever condition you’re in.  He would never turn you away if you just come to Him.

Psalm 100:5 says:

“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”

From Psalm 86:15:

But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.”

And from Psalm 36:5

“Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.”

That is truth, because God has it in His Word, and God never lies. You can trust that whatever God says is unequivocally true, and never fails. So you can know this day, no matter what you’ve done or how badly you feel, God loves you unconditionally….without a doubt!

OK! Talk to you next week!

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