God Loves ME?!

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God Loves ME?!

Joan’s follow up to Rebecca’s U Love post last week:

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that sometimes Rebecca and I write posts together, and, sometimes, we write them separately.  It never ceases to amaze me how much more I learn about Rebecca by reading her personal posts.  As moms and daughters go, I would say my relationship with Rebecca is fairly close; nevertheless, by reading her posts, I am seeing that me and mom 10 croppedthere is more to my daughter than I already knew.  This is important to me because it helps me to understand Rebecca better, which I can then translate into loving her better.

This principle holds true in any relationship.  The more we get to know someone, the easier it is to understand them.  Understanding can lead to more U Love between people.  Of course, the opposite may also be true, i.e., we may not always like what we know about others.  That has the potential to lead to strained relationships.  The point we try to make in this blog, though, is that regardless of how we feel about others, we can always try to show U Love.  (Actually, that’s one of the traits I admire most about Rebecca.  Her ability to be kind and loving to just about anyone, even someone who may have hurt her feelings, is admirable.)

As I read through Rebecca’s words from last week’s post, I see that she sometimes struggles with feeling God’s love.  I guess I am not alone in that, because, at times, I feel that, too.  Rebecca’s simple solution for this situation is to read about God’s love for her in the Bible.  That’s a reliable antidote.  For myself, I also like to listen to songs which describe God’s love for me.  Music has a way of cutting through those tough protective layers I’ve piled on so that I actually begin to feel God’s love seep into my soul.music cartoon

For instance, I was listening to a beautiful song the other day called “Indescribable,” in which the lyrics talk about the awesomeness of God along with His deep love for us.  These words spoke directly to my inner being.  I could actually feel God’s love enveloping me.  It was fantastic to muse on the thought that this all powerful God specifically loves me.  The particular verse that truly touched my soul goes like this:

“Incomparable, unchangeable, You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same.

You are amazing God.  You are amazing God.”

This is a “wow” factor for me.  To know that my incomparable, unchanging God, sees deeply into my heart and still loves me.  Simply astounding!  This is the ultimate illustration of the point I was making above, which is, when you get to know someone better, you can love them better.  Well, the God of the universe knows me well, faults and all, and He still loves me unconditionally.  He feels the same way about you, too.  Wouldn’t it be a great world if we could all follow His example and learn to U Love each other well!  I’ll give it a try.  How about you?

See ya’!

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