Don’t Judge a Bakery by Its Cover

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Don’t Judge a Bakery by Its Cover

Joan and Rebecca:

By now, you may have surmised from some of our other posts that we are foodies!!  We really enjoy food, and we like trying different types of cuisine at varying restaurants.  At the top of Rebecca’s list of favorite types of food are sweets. Rebecca adores desserts, so we are always looking for a new bakery with yummy delights!cookies

For years, we have passed by a bakery on our way to a certain destination we often visit, but we never gave the bakery a second look. You see, from the outside, this bakery looked kind of run-down. It also wasn’t in a wonderful neighborhood. From its outward appearance, we didn’t think the bakery could possibly be one with delicious treats.  So, we never even gave it a chance. We certainly never went inside.

One day recently, Joan was picking up some food for lunch nearby this bakery.  She had a hankering for a sweet, and decided to venture inside the neglected bakery. When she got inside, she saw some very interesting looking delicacies and decided to buy a few and give them a try. She figured, why not?  What was there to lose?  At the worst, we could just throw out what we didn’t like.

For the first time ever, Joan made a purchase at the bakery by buying some goodies.  We tried them, and what do you think happened?  Surprisingly, those baked goods ended up being some of the best bakery items we ever had. They were quite amazing. They rivaled the sweets from one of our favorite bakeries, which happens to be a well-known one from our area. We couldn’t believe it!  We had missed out on all of those delectable delights for years, just because we judged the bakery by its outward appearance.  Boy, were we wrong!

You can probably guess where we’re going with all of this, right?  You may have heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover?”  Or in this case, “don’t judge a bakery by its cover.” LOL.  Our experience with the bakery made us wonder how many times we have judged people by their “cover?” How many times have we, personally, not gotten to know someone, perhaps not given them a chance, because of their outward appearance?  Maybe we observed some other characteristic that made us judge someone’s inside character only to turn them away? How many awesome people have we missed getting to know, and having in our lives, because we judged them by their “cover?” We’re not sure.  But if we’ve missed even one, that’s one too many.  

cookie heartYou never know how special someone might turn out to be if we just look past their exterior and give them a chance.  In our lives, we’ve tried not to judge others by their outward appearance for this very reason.  After our experience with the bakery (and knowing that we weren’t always diligent about this), we decided to step up our game even more.

Note from Rebecca: There have even been times when I didn’t think some guys were cute at all, but then after getting to know them, their character and personality, I realized how remarkable they were. Then, low and behold, their appearance became cute to me as well.

And isn’t this how U Love is supposed to be anyway? All of us not judging one another, but looking at each other through a lens of love?  God always gives us a chance, no matter what, because He loves us unconditionally.  He always sees us as beautiful on the inside, because He’s seeing us through eyes of U Love. And if this is the love we’re trying to emulate, this is how we want to look at others.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we all stopped judging one another for our “covers,” and gave each other a chance?  Can you imagine how it would be if we treated everyone with genuine U Love? We think it would be an amazing start to changing this world into how God meant it to be……one where love prevails and not hate.  So what do you say?  Are you with us on this?  Let’s start looking at one another’s inward beauty, no matter how we look on the outside.  Let’s keep on showing each other U Love.

Talk to you next week!  Please join our U Love chain here!

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