“Having Bold Faith Like Daniel,” By Gabrielle Bucci (Guest Author)

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“Having Bold Faith Like Daniel,” By Gabrielle Bucci (Guest Author)

Joan and Rebecca:

This week we have for you an inspirational post written by a guest, Gabrielle Bucci. We like to keep apprised about other blogs, and saw this post on revelife.com. We felt the theme went along nicely with our “Inspiration to Realize Something More” section of our blog.

Gabrielle’s post is about having faith that God can, and wants to, make the impossible possible in our lives. Gabielle also shows us that God can, and wants to, bring about good in our lives. This ties directly into U Love. Whatever our situation, by knowing that God unconditionally loves us, we can have confidence that God can, and WANTS to make the impossible possible for us. As we grow in accepting and receiving God’s U Love for us, our faith and trust in Him for all situations in our lives will grow and blossom as well!  Let’s see what Gabrielle has to say about all this!!! lion pic.

“Having Bold Faith Like Daniel” by Gabrielle Bucci

As we read Daniel chapter 2 and begin dissecting what was going on in the passage, we can see Daniel believed that God could do the impossible and that He wants to do the impossible. Daniel had big faith! It’s important to remember that things never pan out when we try to do them on our own. God has to open the doors for us. We can never fully prepare for the next step until God calls us to it. We just need to trust that when we are called, He will give us the means, tools, courage, and wisdom to complete the task.

He just wants our faith!

God gave Nebuchadnezzar the dream as a setup for Daniel to stand firm and show the king who God is. He wants to show us that He already has a plan and everything will be worked out for His Glory and our good because He is. God isn’t looking for the absolute greatest faith, but for the willingness to be obedient.

I know God can do anything, but I struggle with believing that God wants to do the impossible in my life. He’s calling me to boldly step out into what He’s asking me to do. I can’t skip the baby steps and just go right to the end. Each step is necessary and small steps must be taken so we can be prepared for where He wants to use us the most.

Stewardship, faith, bold confidence, humility… it’s all tied together for His purpose!

When have your life circumstances required bold faith? What did you learn from the experience? How has God shown you He is trustworthy?

Joan and Rebecca:

Gabrielle has given us great food for thought in her questions at the end!  I know we are challenged to consider where we can increase faith in our lives.

See you next post!  Please join our U Love chain right here!

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