Perfect Me is Not Reality

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Perfect Me is Not Reality


Do you ever feel sometimes like you have to be perfect?   Like you have to look, act, think, and just BE perfect?  I have felt that way before.  I’ve felt, at times, like I had to look perfect….hair, clothes, make-up, whatever.  And that if there was something imperfect about the way I looked, then people might not like me.

I’ve felt, at times, like I had to act perfectly…..and that if I had flaws in my personality, then people wouldn’t like me.  And to top it all off, I have sometimes felt like I had to be perfect (spiritually and otherwise), or else God may not love me.  If any of you have felt any of this, let me reassure you, I have come to know that all of these feelings are completely untrue! mirror cartoon

I sometimes think about how difficult it is to go around feeling like you have to be perfect. Not only is it quite difficult, but it’s not much fun either, is it?!!  But, guess what? We’re human, and there’s no way we can ever be perfect. I’ve come to learn that even though God knows we’re imperfect, He completely loves us anyway.  As a matter of fact, God loves us through our imperfections because when we’re not perfect, that’s when God gets to show His strength and U Love in our lives.

If we were always perfect, there would hardly be a need for God.  But, in our imperfections and flaws He comes through with His perfection and strength. And God’s perfection is way better than our human efforts of trying to be perfect! So, I’ve been learning to relax, and trust and know that God U Loves me through any flaws or imperfections. He thinks I am wonderful despite my imperfect human nature. He feels that way about you, too!

But, then there’s that nagging idea at times that I need to look, or act, perfect for other people to love me.  That can be a real downer!  So, I try to build for myself a strong foundation of truth, knowing that I am unconditionally loved by the most powerful being in the universe. This gives me a new found confidence in who I am, that hopefully exudes from my being. This also gives me a great self-esteem boost!  

All this is available for you, too.  You’ll see you can walk differently, talk differently, and just live differently. You’ll naturally get a more positive and confident air about you, and that kind of persona, will often attract others. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it’s definitely something that helps in life and relationships.  So, getting our love relationship secure with our Creator is key to overcoming perfectionism.

Now for me, I had to gewomen putting on makeupt myself to understand that, as humans, we’re going to be quirky sometimes!!! We’re not always going to look perfect and have it all together all the time!  And you know what?? That’s OK!!  Our quirkiness is part of what makes us who we are as individuals.  Perfection isn’t fun, but being who we are is!!!   

When it comes to people’s opinions of me, I’ve uncovered an irrefutable fact.  Opinions vary from person to person; therefore, people’s opinions are sometimes unreliable.  For example, I’ve had situations where someone didn’t care for a particular characteristic of mine, but then another person absolutely loved that same characteristic about me! Go figure!! I know God will have people out there who will accept how I look and act, even through my faults.

Here’s another for instance.  Sometimes I’ve felt like my make-up and hair had to be perfect, or people wouldn’t like me.  But then, I have been in situations where I was with people when I’ve had on no make-up, and my hair wasn’t perfect, and the people loved and accepted me anyway….even without looking perfect. This was because they had come to care about me for whom I was on the inside, not just for how I looked.   

And you know what else?  When we stop trying to be perfect, and just relax and be ourselves, our true inner beauty comes out, shining bright like a star.  And our true inner selves, created fearfully and wonderfully by God, are beautiful people inside and out!  And, if we let our true selves shine through, who can resist us?!!  LOL

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to stop trying to be perfect, just relax, and be me!! Why not give it a try, too…..knowing you are completely and totally U Loved by an amazing God!!  The real you is quite beautiful!  

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