The Father’s Love – Part 2

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The Father’s Love – Part 2

From Rebecca and Joan:

We talked in the last post on the Father’s love about how our relationship with our earthly father affects our relationship with the heavenly Father.  To demonstrate this point, consider the following.  Our family has been to a conference about the spiritual roots of diseases.  The first night of the conference is focused on receiving “the Father’s love,” meaning God’s love. This is because, as we’ve talked about so much in this blog, knowing and receiving God’s perfect, unconditional love, is a major part of emotional and physical well-being in one’s life.

On the first night of the conference, the attendees are asked to raise their hands if they’ve never heard their earthly father tell them that they love them. It was astounding to see the amount of hands that were raised.   The majority of the people there had never heard their father tell them that they love them.  You could see in people’s faces how deeply sad this was for them.  To help repair this in their hearts, the attendees immediately went into a therapeutic exercise. father's love photo 6

(We know this sounds confusing, so please try to stay with us on this!)  Each person at the conference, who had never heard their earthly father say he loved them, was paired with someone who did hear their father say he loved them.  Then, when directed, the two people respectfully embraced.  At that moment, the person who was told they were loved by their earthly father said something powerful to the person who was not told they were loved by their earthly father.  They simply looked the unloved person in the eye and said, “Our heavenly Father loves you and I love you.”  Wow!  What a moment.

An amazing change in everyone took place right then and there.  Tears flowed, emotions ran high, and broken hearts began to heal.  It’s a very special time for those who experience it.  It may not seem so, but it is monumental for someone who has never heard their father say, “I love you,” to finally hear those simple words.  Just the sound of those words help people feel like they are truly loved.  People start to heal emotionally and physically, as they are set free from years worth of hurts and wounds.  They begin to feel that they can continue on in life as whole beings.

That night at the conference on the Father’s love was such a moving time for us personally.  We experienced great emotional release on many levels.  To pass it on, we say to all of you, “Your heavenly Father loves you, and we do, too!”

More on the Father’s love next post.  Until then, tell someone that you love them…..unconditionally!!!

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