The Father’s Love – Part 3

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The Father’s Love – Part 3

From Rebecca and Joan:

Hi everyone!  We’re back with the last installment of our series on the Father’s love.  You can check out part one and part two here.

To continue, it’s so imperative to have, at the foundation of our lives, the unconditional love of God.  We all need to feel it, know it, breathe it, and live in it.  For those of us who have not been loved well by our earthly fathers, it can be really difficult to receive God’s true unconditional love.

If you were hurt by your earthly father, there can be emotional wounds and scars left in your being. Those emotional wounds can lead to countless problems, if not healed over.  But, the good news is that even though your earthly father may not have loved you unconditionally, your heavenly Father does want to lavish His love on you unconditionally, and heal those wounds within your soul.

So how do we start receiving the real unconditional love from God?  Well, one way is to renew your mind about just how your heavenly Father loves you.  That is easily done by reading His words to you.  It’s all right there in the Bible, which is basically one big love letter to you.  Remember, God’s words to you in the Bible are your truth….your feelings are not always what’s true.father's love photo 7

If you’re feeling like God doesn’t really love you, or loves you conditionally the way your earthly father may have, then you have to go to your source of truth, the Word of God, and take your “medicine” by reading His words and letting them soak into your soul and spirit.  Over time, you will start to receive the truth of God’s love, and that can heal and override the hurts received from your earthly father.

Now, if you’re like me (Rebecca), and  your earthly father DID love you well, but you’re still struggling with feeling God’s true unconditional love, then you do exactly the same thing that someone does to heal from an earthly father that did not love them well.  You read all about God’s love for you in the Bible.  I do it almost every day.  It definitely helps the healing process.

There are other ways that a person can end up having a wrong perception of God and His love for them. Anytime someone isn’t loved well in life, that can definitely inflict emotional and soul wounds on someone.  It doesn’t only happen when an earthly father doesn’t love you right.  Regardless of the source for feeling unloved, knowing God’s unconditional love is the antidote.

So, let’s all start getting the right impression of God’s love for us.  He wants to be with us through everything in life, to help us face anything, big or small.  God cares about every little detail of our lives!  He wants to be involved. He doesn’t want us to feel like He’s this distant God, way out there in outer space, unattainable. He wants to be our best friend, and He wants us to feel Him right there next to us, hugging us, and telling us that He loves us.

He wants to be our ultimate Daddy who loves, loves, loves us, and thinks we’re the best thing since ice cream!  He wants to pick up all the broken pieces of our lives (whether we created them or not) and repair and restore them all.  He wants to be our everything, so we feel whole, well, and complete in His love, insulated from future hurts.  This is love. This is God.  Why not get to know Him?  You’ll be glad you did!!

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