Selfy Conundrum

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Selfy Conundrum


The other day I was talking with my friend Zac (whom I mentioned in The Father’s Love – Part 1 post), when our conversation veered onto the subject of selfys.  (For those of you who don’t know what a selfy is, it’s a picture you take of yourself to post on a social network.)  We were discussing how some people post countless selfys of themselves, and that we didn’t really understand the point of that.  It can come across as somewhat self-absorbed; although we know we can’t assign a motivation to a person’s actions, since God is the only one who can truly know a person’s heart.

What Zac and I did surmise, though, is that some people may post a lot of selfys to get attention and affection from others. Now, we certainly didn’t want to judge others for this action, especially since we had posted selfys online as well!  But, the more Zac and I talked about it, I think both of us came to realize that somewhere, deep within, we enjoyed having some attention too. This then sparked Zac (who is also a great musician) to write a song lyric that I think is quite profound.  It goes, “We’re all just looking for attention, looking for affection. Striving for another, dyin’ for a lover.”  

This lyric is explanatory of a behavall of your heart ioral pattern that many of us exhibit.  That behavioral pattern is a window to a deeper rooted issue within our hearts.  This issue is an expression of something more that we, as human beings, are ultimately longing for within our souls.  And, if you’ve been reading this blog from week to week, you should be able to answer what that something more is by now….unconditional love from our Creator!  

I believe that each one of us, in one way or another, is looking for attention and affection. It makes us feel loved and accepted. Feeling loved helps us to feel like completed human beings, and to feel whole within that perfect love.  And why is that?  Because we were created to receive and know perfect U Love.

That longing within can cause us to search in all sorts of places for the U Love that we were created to have.  If you look at the second half of Zac’s lyric, you can easily see what I’m talking about.  Zac wrote, “Striving for another, dyin’ for a lover.”  What do some of us do to find that perfect love?  Strive to seek out love and attention from somewhere, often in the form of  relationships with others (not always positive), hoping another person will unconditionally love us and give us the attention, affection, and fulfillment that we desire.  

The only problem with that, like we’ve said before in this blog, is that each one of us, as imperfect human beings, just aren’t able to show perfect unconditional love.  We can try to attain the ultimate goal of showing God’s perfect unconditional love, but we simply cannot show it flawlessly.  So, if we’re looking to have our “U Love meter” filled by another person, that’s not going to entirely happen. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who love greatly, because there are!  I know some!  But we don’t love like God does, filling the deepest recesses of our hearts.ty 22

The only way I know of to fully cure the emptiness or longing for U Love within our souls, and to soften that tireless quest for attention and affection, is to experience and know the unconditional love of God.  When we come to understand and feel His relentless, unconditional love in its abounding way, we suddenly don’t feel that undying need for love from another source quite as much. Of course, it’s great to experience love in relationships with others. We were also created to have human companionship as well, so that’s a natural desire and need. But the direness and striving to seek it out for emotional completion starts to fade, because you’ve found your ultimate source of fulfillment in God’s U Love.

I know for me, I’ve struggled in the past with being able to let go of unhealthy relationships, because I would make those relationships a portion of my source for U Love. But, God began to show me how I was hanging onto imperfect human love to fulfill me, when it cannot compare to God’s all powerful, majestic love that would move heaven and earth for me. 

God showed me that it was His love that was right there waiting to be my everything forever.  It was His love that longed for ME, ready to be my hero, wanting to go exceedingly above and beyond what I could ever think or imagine a love could be like.  His love was a love that would never walk away no matter what.  I even wrote a song about this called, “My Hero,” which I have linked at the end of this post.  It hopefully will encourage you to consider the depth of His love for you.

And you know what?  Once I started to really receive God’s love, it made it way easier for me to let go of those I needed to let go of in life….those who walked out of my life….those who hurt me.  I allowed my heart to receive a great healing love from a true love, God.  This helps me to be able to have stronger, healthier relationships with the people in my life.  Having God’s U Love as my foundational love source, makes it easier for me to have better and healthier love relationships with others. Give it a try!  It helps your entire being to be made whole, well, and right.

So, am I going to stop posting selfys altogether?  Probably not.  I’ll still post some here and there for fun! But now that I am on board with God’s U Love, I am well on my way to not needing all the attention and affection they bring!!!

OK, that’s it  for now!!  Talk to you next time!

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