We’re All Just a Little Bit Broken……

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We’re All Just a Little Bit Broken……

From Joan:

Last week, I was talking to a carpenter friend of mine who was repairing our windows, when he described to me a movie he had seen recently that he thought was exceptional.  I actually don’t recall the name of the movie, but I accurately remember the movie’s theme.  The friend said that the movie powerfully depicted people in varying states of emotional brokenness.

I was actually surprised that my friend liked a movie like that.  I’ve known him for some time, and I’ve always thought of him as somewhat stoic, certainly not easily swayed by emotions. I thought it was remarkable for him to be so moved by the subject matter of this movie. My friend went on to say something I thought was profound, “Everybody is a little bit broken. We need to just show each other grace.”  wounded heart drawing

I readily agreed with him, again surprised by his forthcoming depth of compassion, something I had not witnessed in him before that moment.  (I jokingly noted this observation to my friend who responded that he had, indeed, changed over time.  He said, “Life happens.  That can change you.”)  I so agree with my friend.  But back to his comment about showing each other grace, I’d like to add the thought that a good way to show each other grace is through showing unconditional love.  In my opinion, U Love should always be the basis of relationships.

So, why do I mention all this?  To begin with, I think it’s really cool I discovered that sensitive side to my friend.  After many years of friendship, I enjoyed seeing my friend in a new light. But, mostly, my point here is that my friend’s comments were significant in suggesting how we can improve the way we relate to one another.  Let me reiterate what my friend said, “Everybody is a little bit broken. We need to just show each other grace.”

Let’s look at the first wounded heart 1 editof those statements…..”everybody is a little broken.”  I never thought of it that way, but viewing one another as somewhat broken can lead to more empathy and U Love in relationships.  What comes to mind for me here is a group I used to belong to years ago.  It consisted of about a dozen women with a professional therapist as our leader.  We met occasionally to discuss varying issues we faced in life. 

One time at the beginning of our meeting, the leader said that she wanted each one of us to tell our “war story,” so we could get them out in the open and we would not have to wonder why each person was there.  One by one, the women told their “story.”  As expected, the source for most of the stories was issues such as abuse, divorce, unexpected death, financial loss, traumas, family strife, etc. 

Most had very legitimate complaints.  There was even one woman who said that she had grown up in a very loving family with exceptional parents and, yet, she still had problems.  But, with every successive tale, we all began to realize that practically everyone has a “war story” of sorts.  I think that was the point of the whole exercise.  “We are all a little bit broken,” regardless of the cause.

Recognizing this, can lead us to show one another grace, defined as showing favor or goodwill to others.  This implies that grace is not just an abstract quality, but is, instead a predetermined willingness to treat others with kind regard, whether we think they deserve it or not.  This, to me, is what U Love is all about.   The big question is are we up to the task?

I, for one, have made a decision to live a lifestyle of U Love.  As is evident from my posts, I am not always successful, but I am very willing to keep at it until I succeed.  Will you come along with me on this lifetime journey?   If so, please link in to our U Love chain here.

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