This is the Conclusion of Something Good!

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This is the Conclusion of Something Good!

From Joan:

In the last post, I described how I had given up on the new age, but still had the dilemma of a fifteen year infertility problem that had no end in sight.  I  promised I would tell you how the unthinkable happened….a supernatural solution.  So, here it is!

One day while taking a shower, I was crying out to God asking Him why I could not have a child.  It was my heart’s desire to be a mom.  It seemed so easy for other women to have children.  I didn’t understand what was wrong with me.  I remember that I was crying so hard that I couldn’t tell the difference between the shower water and my tear drops.  They both felt the same.  Neither one gave me any comfort.

shower cartoon finalNow, at that point in my life, I knew nothing much about God except the religious teachings I had learned in Sunday school years prior.  I did, though, believe there was a God.  I just thought of Him as some magical figure who existed somewhere I couldn’t see, and to whom I could not relate.  I cried out to Him anyway.  It felt like my tears disappeared into the air where they were lost forever in the atmosphere, returning void.  I still cried out, meaning only to vent, expecting nothing in return.

All of a sudden, with water and tears still streaming down my face, I had a truly supernatural experience.  I felt an unseen, Godly presence impressing thoughts on my mind.  I knew this was unusual, but I didn’t care. I was so desperate for an answer, I just listened. What I heard was, “If you accept your Messiah, you will have your child.”  I knew exactly about whom this voice was speaking.  At the time, I had been hearing a lot about the Messiah from friends.  His real name (in Hebrew) is Yeshua, known to the world as Jesus. 

Back then, I wasn’t the least bit interested in learning about Yeshua, but I surely did want to have a child, so I paid close attention to all that I heard.  Since I didn’t know anything about Yeshua, I decided to go to the library to do some research on His life.  I read many history books about Him.  I also started reading the Bible (old and new covenant), which spoke all about Him.  What I found out was really surprising.  I realized that Roman historians corroborated the facts I was reading about Yeshua in the cartoon

This was not at all what I expected to find, but I came to the conclusion that He was who He claimed to be….the Messiah of Israel.  From my reading, it also became clear just why I needed a Messiah.  I was separated from the Holy God of Israel by my sin.  I needed a blood atonement for that sin.  The Messiah Yeshua was my blood atonement.  I was fine with that.  But, now, I really had a major dilemma.

Here was my big decision….to accept Yeshua or reject Him.  Accepting Him would mean my name would be written in God’s Book of Life; and, when I died, I would live eternally with God.  That all sounded good to me eventually, but not at that moment in time.  It took some really earnest soul searching on my part.  Finally, I chose to accept Yeshua into my life.   

Then an amazing thing occurred (here comes more supernatural stuff). Within a few months, I miraculously became pregnant with my daughter Rebecca.  No kidding!!  My doctors were baffled by this, but I knew exactly what had happened. God did just as He promised, and gave me my miracle.

For years, I had been waiting for a supernatural experience.  I finally had one that was life changing.  God kept His promise to me, unlike all the new age soothsayers I had consulted previously.  Nothing they said ever came true, but God’s promise to me came to pass.  Since then, God has been changing me for the better.  That was the best decision I ever made.

In Rebecca’s last few posts, she recounts other amazing childhood experiences in which God acted supernaturally in our lives.  I am certain, without a doubt, that God exists for us all, and that He desires a personal relationship with each one of us, a relationship in which He will act supernaturally on our behalf.  It is very simple to have that relationship with God by praying, as I did, to ask Yeshua into your life as your blood atonement.  Eternal life with God will be yours.  And, like with me, it will be the best decision you’ll ever make!  Why not think about it?

Tune in next time for even more!!!  See ya’!

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