My Knight in Shining Armor

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My Knight in Shining Armor

From Rebecca:

In my recent post, “STOP in the Name of Love,” I indirectly touch on the aspect of the U Love definition which says, “love always protects.”  I’d like to look at this concept from two varying perspectives, that of God’s and human beings.  We know, unequivocally (whether it seems like it or not) that God, in His perfect U Love, always protects us. We know this because He says so in His word.  If we aspire to attain God’s standard of U Love, it makes sense that we also ought to strive to protect and help others.

Obviously, because we’re human and fallible, we won’t be able to reach perfection in our endeavor to protect others. Thankfully, though, where humans fall short, God steps in to show His infinite might.  He meets us right where we are, able to catch us in every circumstance.  This was sufficiently demonstrated in the “Stop in the Name of Love” post, in which I gave an account of God’s protection over me as a child when I was being assailed by oncoming traffic.  baby cartoon

I would like to illustrate my point further by sharing yet another adventurous childhood story where God had to literally step in and save my life…..again.  (This reminds me of the movie, “Princess Bride,” where Westley had to keep saving Buttercup’s life over and over).  I guess God is my “knight in shining armor!” Guess what?  He’s yours too!  So, here we go.

One scorching day, when I was a tiny baby, my mom was on her way out to run errands.  Of course, she took me along with her.  She placed me in my little car seat, which, as diminutive as it was, still engulfed me as I got lost in it.   As my mom headed out, she saw a neighbor walking along the sidewalk, across the street from our home.  My mom pulled over and got out of the car to talk to her friend.  It was at this point, that my mom broke the cardinal rule of never leaving any living, breathing thing in a car in blistering heat.  That could prove to be fatal.

Now, my mom, being a new mother, was entirely unaware of this important fact.  So, she stood there with her friend on the sidewalk, innocently chit chatting away in ignorant bliss.  Meanwhile, I (the precious daughter that she had tried for so long to have), was sweltering and suffocating in the car, drawing nearer to “the end” as each “chit chat” minute passed by.  

“Oy,” God must have chuckled to Himself as He watched this all taking place. “Here we go again!”  I can almost see Him rolling his eyes and laughing softly to Himself at the folly of human error. Fortunately, as I alluded to in my earlier post, God is always right there ready to straighten out any predicament we humans may have. And so He did, without delay, in this case.  My knight in shining armor rushed to my rescue immediately, once again. His U Love for me is a shield of protection.

I know this sounds strange, but, suddenly, in the middle of  a sentence, my mother heard in her head, a loud, forceful, “GO GET YOUR DAUGHTER NOW.  SHE’S IN TROUBLE.”  My mother gasped in fright!  She knew whose voice that was.  No mistake.  She was hearing the voice of God warning her about her baby.  

Then, with no regard for the conversation taking place between my mom and her friend, something supernatural literally turned my mom around and pushed her towards her car.  You see, God doesn’t play games.  He was on a mission to protect and save me. He was not about to mess around.

Panicked, my mom immediately interrupted her conversation with her friend and cried, “I need to get to my baby!”  Not caring about the fact that she had just acted peculiarly to her friend, she ran to the car.  Reaching the car in record time, she yanked open the back door only to find her precious, baby girl gasping for air, beet red, with huge beads of sweat pouring down her face. If God hadn’t intervened exactly when He did, the scenario would have ended in a disaster.

car cartoonBut, as always, God was right on time.  My mom swiftly pulled me out of the car into fresh air, got me water and called the doctor right away to assess my condition. The doctor assured my mom that I would be fine, and, thank God, so I was.  Folks, that was definitely a close one!!

This story doesn’t need much commentary because, to me, it says it all.  God U loves us SO much that He intervenes on our behalf, to save us, help us, and love us through every step (sometimes scary ones) of life.  Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, sometimes it may not seem like God is protecting us, but He is. The key word here is “seem.”  God’s ways are not our ways, and He works in mysterious ways.  He does things we may not understand in our limited human capacity.  But, I know that’s where trust comes in. I am coming to the place where I simply believe that God is God, and no matter what the circumstances may seem like, God has things under His control.  I am developing confidence that God does indeed have me in the palm of His hands.

It’s true my mom has done her best to protect me in life, but where her human capability failed, God’s infallible power took over.  It is the same for everyone.  God is always by our side, covering us and protecting us.  I see this truth in Psalm 91 in the Bible.  I read Psalm 91 every morning and night.  It is an immense comfort to me in many different situations in life.  Rest assured, as I do, that you are in good hands…..God’s hands.  Be confident in His immeasurable U Love for you.  And, let’s keep striving to show that same U Love to each other.

See ya’ next week!

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