The Saga: Identity in Crisis

July 30, 2013 1 Comment »
The Saga: Identity in Crisis

From Rebecca:

Hi Everyone!

Our Saga series continues. Last week I told you about a very critical thing God showed me during my down time from dance.  I was making dance an idol, allowing it to reign supreme in my life. Instead, I needed to place God back in His rightful place as #1 in my life!

The second thing that God showed me during those seven months of down time was that I was also finding my identity in dance. The “who” of who I was, centered in dance.  I thought of myself as “a dancer,” rather than as a person who dances. There’s a big difference between those two thoughts.  The former tells me that who I am is a dancer. This can be an unstable,  changing identity. The latter states that who I really AM is a child of God (which never changes), and that what I DO is dance. think about it cartoon

I realized that I had been placing much of my self-worth in being a dancer. I felt like I wouldn’t have any importance if I couldn’t dance, or that people wouldn’t like me if I didn’t dance. Let me tell you, when I couldn’t dance for those seven months, I felt like a nothing. It became imperative for me to realize that dance isn’t who I AM.  It doesn’t constitute my identity. Dance is merely what I DO.

I knew I had to establish my identity in God. Why? Because, I reiterate, anything besides God can be taken away at a moment’s notice. God is permanent.  He cannot be taken away. Finding my identity in anything besides God was a risky endeavor. I had firsthand experience with this dance injury to prove that.  I came to understand that long before I knew I could dance, I was a child of God, along with all of its benefits. And, that I would remain so even without dance in my life.

That was a powerful revelation….to know that whether I danced or not, I had the eternal love and affection of an all-mighty God, who sees me as beyond important. I had to renew my mind so that I grasped for certain my identity in God, and being His beloved child. Nothing could change that. His love for me is everlasting. Nothing could change that either.

I can tell you for sure that findinmountain cartoon g who you are in Someone so steadfast, in Someone that never changes, is life-changing. It makes who you are and the foundation of your life hard as rock. That’s what I decided I wanted my life to be built upon…..a solid rock…..God.

I immediately got around to incorporating this new mindset into my life. And you know what? Once I planted God back in His rightful place in my life, and got my priorities straight, the sorrow I was feeling about not being able to dance started to fade. I have to be honest though, I still missed dancing dearly.  I would have loved to resume my dance career as soon as possible; but I was getting so saturated in God and His love, that I felt a peace and contentment unsurpassed by anything else this life had to offer (including dance).

I just knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God had everything under control, and I trusted Him that in whatever direction He decided to take my life, I would be happy! THIS was a good place to be. THIS was the culmination of where God had been trying to take me during this whole ordeal. And, often when we get to that place of trust and contentment in God, accepting wherever He has us in life, the door is opened for Him to step right in and surprise us with something divine.

Now, you may be wondering, “if God is so awesome, loving, and all-powerful, did He just leave Rebecca in that mess of an injury? After she learned all of that stuff, didn’t He get her back to dancing?? How is that loving??” Well, I do have good news for you! As soon as I renewed my thinking to line up with God’s, He did indeed step right in and surprise me with something quite divine. Little did I know, the unimaginable was about to happen!! This is where the story gets quite remarkable and miraculous!! This is something you will definitely NOT want to miss. The grand finale! So, tune in next post as we near the extraordinary finale to this story!

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  1. Carol Cardinale July 30, 2013 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    “Thou shall have no others gods before ME.”
    Rebecca, how the revelation of the Greatest Commandment has changed your life forever— in every way! So glad that you Chosen one make GOD and Moses “proud.”
    I’m waiting for the grand finale! :)

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