The Saga: The Long, Dreadful Trek

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The Saga: The Long, Dreadful Trek

From Rebecca:

In my story last week (“The Saga: The Beginning of the End“), I left off at the part where I had taken a terrible fall in ballet class. That dreadful night at the ballet studio was the beginning of a long trek ahead of me. The day after the fall, I immediately went to a specialist to get my back checked out and to have a number of tests run. Much to my dismay, all of our fears were confirmed. I had stress fractures in two spots in my back.  My doctor forbade me to dance until further notice. Depending upon how it would all heal, the doctor wasn’t sure I would ever be able to dance again.  “This is a nightmare,” I thought, “This can’t be happening to me!!!!”rug cartoon

You know how you feel when you hear very bad news? It feels sort of like the wind has been knocked out of you, or the rug has pulled out from beneath you, or something of that sort.  That’s what I was feeling as the doctor gave me that terrible report that day. I can’t even describe what I was thinking on the long ride home from the doctor’s office.  Being told that you can’t do, anymore, the main thing that makes you beyond happy in life, is utterly tragic. That thing, which was so important to me, that gave me so much joy, was ripped from my grip. And I didn’t know when, or if, it would ever be mine again.

Now, what looked to me to be a bleak time in my life, was being viewed very differently by God. He had a few things up His sleeve that He wanted to show me. It took something drastic to get my attention.  And so, this did. I didn’t know it at the time, but this, in fact, would prove to be one of the most rewarding time periods of my life. The life lessons I was about to learn were invaluable.  It changed me forever, in a good way, and I’m glad it did.

You see, sometimes, we can have so much going on in our lives, it can make it difficult to hear from God. He may be trying to redirect our attention from a wrong direction in which we are heading; but there can be so much “noise” around us, that it can cloud our view of what God wants to say to us. I had been so distracted and caught up in my life with dance, that I was missingsomething very important that God wanted to show me. When I was forced to lay down that which was consuming my life, when I was forced to be quiet and still, I was ripe to hear from God. And hear Him, I did.

To find out how this seemingly impossible story continues, check out my next post!!  You won’t want to miss it!!!

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