Pride Comes Before The Fall

August 13, 2013 1 Comment »
Pride Comes Before The Fall

From Joan:

In Rebecca’s series about the accident that caused a serious back injury, Rebecca gave us a heartfelt, transparent account of the events.  Rebecca spoke from her heart to ours about this difficult time in her life.  It was easy to see how deeply this ordeal affected Rebecca, both physically and emotionally.  Now it’s my turn.  Here’s my account of the whole disaster.

Let’s start on the day of the accident.  I was actually watching the dance class when the accident occurred.  It was parent observation day, and I always loved to watch Rebecca perform or take ballet class. Even before Rebecca was born, ballet was my passion.  I was not a dancer myself, so it was exciting for me to find out that my own daughter loved to dance, especially my favorite style, ballet.

dance on pedastal cartoonAs I observed Rebecca’s ballet class that day, I remember thinking it was obvious that Rebecca had been given the talent to be a beautiful dancer.  I sat like a proud peacock, watching my daughter gracefully glide and twirl across the floor.  I later came to understand that I had been a little too proud. This was a wrong attitude that would soon be altered.

The class was nearing its end.  The instructor was calling out for the dancers to do leaps across the studio.  I could hardly wait for Rebecca’s turn to bound across the floor.  I just knew she would be the best at it in the class.  Rebecca was able to soar in the air like an exquisite bird.  As Rebecca began to leap into the air, my pride also began to soar. Yet, in a few moments, I would learn the truth of the scripture, “pride comes before a fall.” In this case, this verse became 3

In an instant, everything changed drastically.  As Rebecca landed her final jete’ of the class, she hit a patch of water and ice on the floor and slid, metaphorically, right into obscurity.  Where in the world that water had come from, I just don’t know. But, before I knew it, my tiny dancer had fallen into a crumbled heap on the floor, unable to move.

Fear gripped me. I knew from the looks of things, that the situation was grim. I remember wishing that my child would just get up, dust herself off, smile, and resume flight. But that was not to be. Rebecca remained as a felled bird unmoving on the floor. I, too, transfixed by this unnerving sight, couldn’t move. Little did I know that this would lead to a long period of darkness for my daughter and for myself.

Just how deeply this accident affected us is yet to come. Please join me next week for the conclusion of my part of the story.  I will share with you some very personal feelings in an effort to be transparent about this incident in our lives.

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  1. Carol Cardinale August 14, 2013 at 2:09 am - Reply

    Hello, Mrs. Joan.

    Indeed your mother’s heart needless to say has gone through the valley with Rebecca’s injury. I couldn’t believe the news about what had happened to ‘ Prima Donna! I’m Staying tuned in for the rest of the story from a Mother’s perspective.
    Shirah Cardinale

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