Is It Possible To Make Something From Nothing?

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Is It Possible To Make Something From Nothing?

From Rebecca:

Last post I left you in the middle of my waffle making dilemma, in which I had attempted to make waffles from a recipe that just wasn’t working for me. Things were a real mess!!!  Here’s the interesting resolution to that situation, along with God’s input to it all:

When my waffle batter failed to cook OK, I carefully reviewed the instructions in the recipe in addition to the first time, tediously examining each step.  Finally, after much investigation, I realized that I had inadvertently used the wrong measuring cups for some of the ingredients. I had made the waffle batter incorrectly, possibly beyond repair. I was dismayed. I had been tantalizing my family about these waffles all that morning, and, then it seemed they were most likely going to prove to be non-existent. NOO! To make things even worse, there was not cookbook cartoon enough flour for me to make a new batch of batter. It was either this batter, or nothing.  

Now, I’ve seen enough Food Network shows (my mom is a “Chopped” TV show addict) to know that most seasoned cooks know how to save a dish when they’ve made a mistake. But, because I was still somewhat of a cooking novice, I didn’t know what to do, or if this waffle mess could even be helped. My mom, who was there, and who is a seasoned cook, told me she thought the waffle batter was probably beyond help. Mom indicated that I should give it a try, but that it was unlikely I could salvage the waffles.

My joyful cooking demeanor quickly dissolved into a gloomy one. I was one unhappy cook!! Right as I was about to give up, I felt a glimmer of hope. I got an idea to do something to the waffle mix that could possibly help it. I decided to try it and hope for the best. Despite my mistakes, I had a strong feeling that these waffles were going to turn out OK.

Looking back on the situation now, I realize that the sudden glimmer of hope was God comforting me and bringing me peace in the circumstances. Even in this insignificant situation, God cared enough to help me think of a solution. So, despite my mom’s pronouncement that my waffles were beyond repair, I decided to move forward anyway. I figured what was there to lose?waffles cartoon final

I went ahead and did my thing, and poured the batter into the waffle machine. To my surprise (and my mom’s), the waffles cooked into fairly normal looking waffles. But, the real test would be in the taste of them. My family and I sat down to breakfast, and we each took our first bite of the questionable waffles I had made.

We all sat there and chewed, allowing our taste buds to judge the experience. We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, and then huge grins spread across our faces. The waffles were…….delicious! They were, in fact, beyond delicious. Even better, they miraculously turned out to be, hands down, the best homemade Belgian waffles my family and I had ever tasted. Well whatdya’ know!!!  It all turned out OK after all!

You see, it was God who spurred me on to not give up on those waffles. It was God who gave me the idea of how to turn that seemingly impossible waffle situation into a great one.  And, it was God who helped me change a messy waffle situation into a grand, delicious one!

Clearly, this is a somewhat trivial situation in life, but it’s definitely exemplary of the point I am making. Even when things are in chaos, by our own hand or not, God is right there to graciously guide us back onto the right track, and create beauty from ashes!  He’s right there to turn a mess into a masterpiece, even when WE’RE the ones who botched things up. Does that give you some peace of mind or what?? It does for me!!

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