The Great Waffle Debacle

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The Great Waffle Debacle

From Rebecca:

Last post I talked about how sometimes our “Plan A” may not always be God’s “Plan A.” I’ve learned that God’s plan is always the best choice in life. I gave an example of this last time with my “video story.” This week, I want to advance the “Plan A” concept even further.

I’ve already discussedbroken plans cartoon about how when outside factors interfere with our plans, God loves to come to our aid. But, you may be thinking, “Sure, if something beyond our control muddles up our plans, of course God will step in and help. But, what if WE’RE the one who messes something up?!  I don’t think God would come to our rescue in THAT case, right?”  WRONG!!! That’s the beauty of God and His nature.  He’s ALWAYS in control, ALWAYS loving, ALWAYS merciful, and quick-footed to come to our relief, no matter whose fault something is.

Just as God was right there to implement His divine plan when my video plans fell through due to reasons beyond my control, so is He right there to step in and implement His plan (and often save us) when we’re the ones who jumble things up.  Why?  Because He knows we’re human and imperfect. Sometimes we’re going to botch things up.  And, I’m sorry to say this, some of the time, we do so knowingly, and we do it anyway. LOL!

Now, God knows that, generally, we do not intentionally try to mess things up. He also knows that we are, by no means, perfect. God fully understands that.  Yet, He shows His immeasurable mercy towards us in every case. That’s part of who He is, to be there for us when we screw up intentionally and unintentionally.

As a matter of fact, God loves being merciful and kind towards us. He enjoys picking up the pieces of the predicaments into which we get ourselves, and putting them back together to make something more lovely than what was there in the first place! How much of a relief is that? I know it’s a big one for me!waffle bowl cartoon blog

Here’s a tiny example of this idea in action. You may already know (from some comments my mom made in previous posts), that I’m not the most experienced cook in the world. I love to cook, and have cooked many tasty delights; but I’m still not an expert yet.  So, one morning, I decided that I wanted to make some thick, fluffy, scrumptious Belgian waffles for breakfast for my family.

I found what looked to be an excellent recipe, and began to cook.  I carefully followed the instructions in the recipe. I poured into a big bowl all of the ingredients that the recipe directed, in their proper amounts.  I couldn’t wait to try these luscious waffles! However, when it came to time to pour the waffle batter in the waffle machine, the consistency of the batter was too thin. The waffles were just not cooking correctly. I didn’t understand what was wrong!

 I carefully reviewed the instructions in the recipe. I thought I had scrupulously followed the instructions, step by step; yet, the outcome of my batter was not consistent with what the recipe said it should be. I was puzzled, and quite upset, because I wanted these waffles to turn out amazing.  After all, other human beings would be eating them! LOL!

So what do you think happened next? Well…. you’ll just have to check back next time for the resolution to this waffle making dilemma, and what God showed me through it all!

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