The Saga: Out of this World… Literally!

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The Saga: Out of this World… Literally!

From Rebecca:

OK, so we’ve made it to the (almost) finale of the saga that has been comprising my last few posts! I hope you’ve been enjoying the suspense, since we are fast approaching my FAVORITE part of the story.

At the end of my last post, “The Saga: Identity Crisis,” I revealed two very important points I had learned during those seven months of quiet and rest after my injury. God had been wanting to show me these things so that I could finally reach a place of trust, peace, and contentment in Him; so that I would be OK with wherever He had me in my life.  This was all good.  But after so many months of stress surrounding the aftermath of the injury, I was ripe for God to “do His thing.” And boy, did He ever!!

xray cartoon finalPeriodically, during those seven long months of down time, the doctor would have my back re-tested to assess the progress of the recovery. Unfortunately, in the seventh month, the most recent test results showed that I still had the two stress fractures in my back, which had shown very little improvement.

I remember feeling major disappointment when I heard the doctor’s report, despite my newfound trust and peace in God. Even worse, the doctor said that there was no end in sight. She still didn’t know when, or if, I’d ever get back to dance. Frankly, the doctor told us she was doubtful that my back would ever be strong enough again to sustain a rigorous dance schedule. This was devastating news.

The report my doctor delivered to me had to be taken seriously.  My doctor’s credentials were impeccable as an orthopedic specialist for some of the country’s leading ballet companies. She knew her stuff. But, what my doctor didn’t know, was that God was in the mix.

She didn’t know that when God had created me, He had also given me the talent to dance. He wanted me to dance. My doctor also didn’t realize that, despite my situation, God is the One who makes the impossible possible!! Pressing on through the continual grim reports from the doctor, I still had a glimpse of hope. God was not about to let my hope be disappointed.praying cartoon

My family believes strongly in the power of prayer. We believe that God answers prayers. We had been praying for me to recover since the onset of the injury. One night, my mom and I were praying with some of our lady friends, who are also very devoted to God and have a strong faith in Him.

These lovely women knew I had been unable to dance for a very long time because of a back injury. However, the ladies didn’t know any of the details about the injury I had sustained. Yet, even without any specific details, these women were continually praying for me, and that night, praying over me.

After so many months of prayer, I wasn’t expecting anything different to happen during that particular prayer time. But, something very different did happen. We were all deep in prayer, when, suddenly, we all felt something very strong and supernatural happening from God. It’s hard to explain exactly what it felt like, but each one of us knew a Godly presence had come upon me, and that He was doing something of the supernatural. We knew that it had to be something good, since it was from God. It was intense, in an amazing way. We continued on in prayer and just trusted God for whatever He was doing at that time.   

To find out just what exactly God did for me that night, join us right here for the next post.  Trust me, you’ll want to find out more!!!  It’s incredible, supernatural, and exciting!!!!

See you next time! Join our U love chain here!

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