Sometimes Plan B Turns out Better Then Plan A!!

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Sometimes Plan B Turns out Better Then Plan A!!

From Rebecca:

Do your plans ever include a Plan B as well as a Plan A? Plan A is your first choice, and Plan B is your “rather not use, but will, only if you have to” choice, right? Well, guess what. Sometimes Plan B turns out to be better then Plan A. Why, you might ask?  Isn’t Plan B supposed to be the “back-up” plan? It’s the one you HAVE to use if your first plan (Plan A) doesn’t work out? Well, in our limited human capacity and understanding, maybe so. But, when you add God into the picture, it’s a whole different story.

Have you ever heard the saying, “We make plans, and God laughs?” That is very true. I believe God is watching and in control of everything. He’s even in control of our life plan, including all of the finite details of it. He sees our past, present, and future. He’s got the 411 on “the big picture,” you might say. However, we do not. We usually have “the smaller picture.” We make plans from partial understanding, whereas God makes plans from infinite understanding.  plans cartoon blog

Therefore, our Plan A, may really not be a good Plan A at all! Our Plan A, may in fact NOT be God’s Plan A. But we don’t always know this until what we “thought” was Plan A, falls through. Then, God has to bring our situation in line with HIS Plan A. But, anytime God revises our failing Plan A to coincide with His Plan A, be assured that you’re about to get a VERY GOOD, divinely ordered Plan A.  Let me give you an example of this whole concept in action.  It’s a minor situation in the whole scheme of things, but, it gets the point across.

Recently, I was preparing a dance piece to perform at a large conference.  I wanted to make a special video that would play at the beginning of the piece. I had in my mind a good idea of what I wanted to have happen in the video. I knew exactly how I wanted it to turn out. There was a timing deadline for the filming of the video, however. So, I made all of the plans for this video to happen the way I envisioned it.  I meticulously planned everything exactly the way it needed to be done.

The first complication occurred with finding a day to film. After minor adjustments, though, I finally found one day that I thought was available to everyone who was involved. Despite the scheduling conflicts, I was undeterred. I was quite excited during the days of planning, waiting in anticipation for this creative idea to come to fruition.  Finally, filming day arrived.

And, from the moment I woke up that day, almost everything went wrong. Most of the plans that I had worked so hard to make, were falling through. Little was happening the way I had planned it all out. What made things worse was the fact that I didn’t have any time to fix the plans, because we HAD to film that particular day.  I knew I needed to somehow make the video filming work, even in the face of adversity. I didn’t have a choice. So, I quickly threw together a Plan B.

Plan B didn’t work out either. My video plans were quickly plummeting to a Plan C (which I didn’t even have). I remember feeling so disappointed. I was utterly forlorn, at the thought of my video turning out so differently from the way I had desired it to be. I thought that God had let me down, and that any new video wouldn’t have nearly the impact for my dance piece that my Plan A video would have had.

Yet, in the middle ocamera cartoonf my gloom that day, I felt a peace come over me. I felt like God was comforting me, telling me that He had everything under control, once again. He seemed to be telling me that the video was going to turn out exactly how HE had planned it to be, and that it was going to be alright. He told me not to worry. So, I decided to take a deep breath, trust God’s plan for the video, and turn my frown upside down. LOL.

So, I followed the new plan that God had devised.  (It was the only plan that was working out, anyway.) And, you know what? Once the video was finished, I could clearly see that the final video was WAY better for the dance piece than my original idea. God’s plan for my video ended up being superb, and made perfect sense for the dance, whereas mine would not have. After the performance of my dance, many people commented on how splendidly the video fit the theme of the dance, and how awesome it turned out to be.  When all was said and done, I realized God’s Plan A was beyond better than my Plan A.

But back to the day of the filming, when I saw my video plan crumbling before my very eyes, I didn’t realize that God was simply setting up circumstances to bring about His plan for the video.  He was moving pieces around, like on a chess set, and I was sitting there in silly sadness. Once again, God was probably chuckling to Himself at my attitude towards the whole situation, when He knew how it all would turn out.  After all, He had the big picture.  I did not.

God knew what kind of video was best for my dance, even more so then I did. What seemed like a mess to me, God turned into something beautiful.  So, next time it looks like one of your plans isn’t working out, try to trust that God has a better plan in store. Because, trust me, anytime God interjects His way of doing things into ours, it’s going to turn out for the good!

Well, there you have it. Does Plan B sometimes turn out better then Plan A? Well, here’s the catch….. It does when our Plan B is secretly God’s Plan A!

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