The Saga: Inexplicably Unexplainable

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The Saga: Inexplicably Unexplainable

From Rebecca:

In the last post, I left off telling the story of my back injury at the point where my mom, some lady friends, and me were all deep in prayer for God to heal my back.  We had just had a pretty intense, supernatural happening during the prayer session….a visit from God you might say.  Here’s how it all went down.

Since we were all feeling the presence of God while we prayed, no one wanted it to end. The prayer time lasted for quite awhile; but, when it ended, one of the women came over to me to tell me she had seen a strong vision from God that had pertained to me. Considering all the spine tingly stuff that had occurred during the prayer session, I was eager to hear what she had seen.back healing cartoon final

Our lady friend told me that she had seen a vision of my spine. Then, she saw the powerful finger of God travel down my back and stop at one specific point on my spine. Out of God’s finger flashed a bright, white light right onto that spot on my spine. His finger then continued to travel a little further down my back, where it stopped at another point on my spine. Again, she saw the white, bright light flash out of God’s finger, like a laser focused directly onto the second spot of my spine.

Our friend pointed to my back to show me the two spots on my spine where she had seen God’s finger stop and flash the laser-like light.  Do I even need to say the next sentence? Yes, they were the exact spots on my spine where I had the stress fractures.  Remember, our friend had no idea that I even had stress fractures, much less where they were located on my spine. We hadn’t told her any details of the injury.

When we told our friend the full extent of what had happened to my back, we were all in a state of extreme excitement. It was clear that God had intervened on my behalf and had done something miraculous. Our lady friend firmly believed that this vision revealed that God had supernaturally healed whatever was wrong with my back.

You can imagine the surprise I felt inside. Since that lady had no idea I had two stress fractures in my back, I knew this had to be from God. I tested the healing by moving my back into various positions. Sure enough, there was no longer any pain. My mom and I immediately burst into tears of elation and thankfulness at what we believed God had just done for me. I absolutely knew, without a doubt, that after seven long months, God had miraculously healed my back!!! I was over the moon!

Now, even though I doctor cartoonbelieved that God had supernaturally healed my back, I still needed to take the proper steps in the natural, to confirm it. So, what did I do the very next day? I went to the doctor and asked her to re-test my back, despite the fact that I had just been tested quite recently with less than optimistic results.

The doctor was boggled about why I was asking for this additional testing. She made it clear that nothing could have changed that drastically in the short period of time it had been since I had last seen her. But, I knew otherwise. My mom and I insisted on my being re-tested. The doctor finally agreed.

I still remember the look on the doctor’s face as she sat at her desk, days later, looking at my test results. I sat quietly on the examining table beside her. The doctor had a look of disbelief, astonishment, shock…. wonder. Actually, she was practically speechless.  She said she didn’t understand why, but the fractures were gone, completely gone. “Your back is entirely healed,” she said. “Yaaaay!!!!!” I screamed in delight.

That very moment was one of the all time happiest moments I ever experienced in my life. What the doctor couldn’t understand, I grasped completely. I knew exactly what had happened to me.  I proceeded to tell the doctor my story. She was amazed, and didn’t know quite what to believe. “I’m still not totally sure what happened,” she said, “but your back is completely healed, and you can go back to dance tdance 5onight!”

I left the doctor’s office in jubilation that day. That last ride home from the doctor’s office was in complete contrast to the first one. This was a ride of light, ecstasy, hope, and excitement. God had restored to me that which had been taken, and had honored my trust and belief in Him. I returned to dance class that very night, much to my ballet teacher and friends’ astonishment. It was a thrilling homecoming!  I returned to class and danced as if I hadn’t missed a beat.  After months of intense pain, my back felt just fine. I’ve been dancing and performing ever since!  God is SO good. Can I get an “Amen, Hallelujah?!”

So it goes, that which started out very bad, ended up being something very good in my life. I came out of those seven months of distress a better and stronger person. I was an even better dancer too, because I no longer held dance as an idol in my heart. Now, that is freedom!

I heeded the voice of God and accepted what He was showing me, and “whatdaya” know? He made everything turn out better than fine. Can God be trusted? I should say so. Is there power in prayer? I should say so. Does God still heal and do miracles today? I should say so! Does He deserve to be number one in our lives? You better believe so!!!!

Even though this story is winding down, and had a happy, happy ending, there is still one more important point I’d like to mention in the next post, which will be my last one on this subject.  My mom is also going to give her response to my “saga” right after my next post. You won’t want to miss it all! So, be sure to meet us right here next time for the final, exciting conclusion to this tale!

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  1. Carol Cardinale August 7, 2013 at 12:46 am - Reply

    YES!!!!!!!!!!and AMIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) ALL GLORY TO ABBA FATHER for your healing REBECCA!!!!!

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