I’m Telling You….. God Wants to Bless You!!

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I’m Telling You….. God Wants to Bless You!!

From Joan:

It’s no surprise that I have another story emanating from my sister, Brynn, rascal that she is!  As you’ve seen in other posts I’ve written about Brynn’s antics, she sometimes finds herself in a peck of scrambled circumstances.  Ever reliant on God, though, Brynn somehow usually comes out of it all smelling like the proverbial rose that she is. This is no exception. Hold on, because here we go again!jane austen cartoon

To begin, you should know that Brynn loves the writings of Jane Austen.  Brynn really is a devotee, so much so that she is a proud member of the Jane Austen Society.  Brynn attends many of the conferences and loves to dress up in period clothes to attend the varying celebrations honoring Jane Austen.  Honestly, at first, I thought it all to be a bit peculiar.  I’m not much of a joiner myself.  But, over the years, now that I’ve seen all the fun Brynn has had at the events, and how much joy it brings her, I am almost somewhat envious of her participation.

Getting back to my story, recently there was a Jane Austen High Tea that was taking place in Oklahoma, a few hours from Brynn’s home.  Brynn called her dear friend, Miriam (also a fan of Jane Austen), to see if Miriam wanted to attend the High Tea with Brynn.  Miriam excitedly responded in the affirmative, and the two of them set up plans to carpool to the event.

Soon after the plans had been made, Miriam called Brynn to tell her that she had to cancel the plans because Miriam’s husband had decided to come along, and, after the event, they would be taking a few extra days for a vacation.  Although she was disappointed, Brynn decided this wouldn’t be a problem.  Surely there would be other people from her club chapter that would be attending the Tea.  Brynn thought it would be easy to hitch a ride with someone else.

This thinking turned out to be correct.  After calling around, Brynn found another group of women that was planning to go to the Tea.  They indicated that they were happy to include Brynn to carpool with them.  Brynn finalized her plans with the new group, which was for Brynn to meet them at 8:00 AM on the Saturday morning before the Tea, to begin their journey.  Brynn was delighted with the way it was all working out.  But, her joy was short lived.

The Friday night before the group’s departure, Brynn called her friends to confirm their meeting place and time. Unbelievably, they said their plans had changed and they weren’t going to the Tea after all. Can you imagine?! They had given no advance warning to Brynn……no phone call, no nothing! Instead, Brynn would have been waiting at the designated place, at 8 o’clock  in the morning to meet her grouphone cartoon p, and they would not have shown up! Wow….not cool.

Not to be deterred, Brynn offered up a quick prayer to God (putting Him in charge of resolving the dilemma), and called another friend (Tara) to see if she would, at the last minute, tag along with Brynn to the Tea. Brynn was not hopeful about this last minute attempt to save her trip, because Tara was definitely not a fan of Jane Austen.  But Brynn decided to try to convince her to come along anyway.

Brynn laid out a compelling argument to Tara about why Tara should go on the trip. Brynn gave it her all, and now all she could do was let go and leave it in God’s hands. As Brynn waited late into Friday evening for Tara’s response, her apprehension intensified. Would this trip ever really happen? Would all of Brynn’s exciting plans fall through? These were questions tumbling around in Brynn’s mind.  And then……finally……..the phone rang.

There’s much more to this tale of intrigue. To find out Tara’s response and the surprising end to this story, join me next time for the conclusion!

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