Do You Believe Me Now??

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Do You Believe Me Now??

From Joan:

We left off last week with Brynn eagerly awaiting to hear Tara’s response to her desperate plea for Tara to accompany her to the Jane Austen High Tea in Oklahoma. OK, so Tara was not a big fan of Jane Austen like Brynn was, but Brynn was hopeful Tara would agree to the trip anyway. At 10:05 PM, finally, the phone rang. Brynn apprehensively picked it up and put it to her ear. What Beni heard on the other end was an incredible surprise.  Tara said, “YES!!” What an awesome friend Tara is! But then, Tara threw in a twist of her own.  Knowing that her parents lived nearby the Tea venue, Tara suggested that Brynn and she should visit with Tara’s parents after the Tea.  Brynn knows Tara’s parents well (and likes them, LOL), so she quickly said yes to the new plans.  To Brynn, it all sounded like this would be a fun adventure after all.pool cartoon

In case you’re wondering, this round of plans went off without a hitch. Brynn and Tara attended the Tea, which Brynn reported back as being quite a lot of fun (tea was delicious, food was fantastic). Even Tara said she had a good time! Then, after the Tea was over, Brynn and Tara continued on their journey traveling for an additional hour, ending up at Tara’s parents’ house.

Brynn’s rendition of her initial view of Tara’s parents’ house was that it looked like a stunning resort.  That was so appreciated, since Brynn can always use a few days of rest. The whole visit, Brynn felt pampered in her own beautifully decorated guest room and bathroom.  As Brynn described it, the grounds to the house were lovely, as was the pool area, all great for unwinding in a peaceful setting.  Needless to say, Brynn spent a few enjoyable days swimming and relaxing.

As if that were not enough, the parents took Brynn and Tara out to dinner each night to experience the delightful cuisine that their town had to offer.  Being a foodie, Brynn said that she felt like she was in seventh heaven!!  Over dinner on the last night of the trip, Tara’s parents remarked in passing that they were only twenty minutes away from the Kansas border. Brynn’s ears immediately perked up. Brynn has on her bucket list the wish to visit every one of the states in the United States.  And she had never been to Kansas.

Not wanting to let this opportunity pass by, Brynn prodded Tara and her parents to drive across the Kansas state line so Brynn could chalk off one more state on her bucket list.  Tara said it was a no go. She was tired of driving; but Tara’s parents said they would be delighted to fulfill Brynn’s request. They suggested the group all drive over to an ice cream parlor in Kansas for dessert. Everyone agreed. They crossed ocartoon kansasver into Kansas; had a fabulous dessert; and Brynn was happy as could be to have visited the great state of Kansas! Cross another state off the bucket list!!!

I hope by this point that you realize why I felt this story was worthy to include in the blog…..because I see the hand of God all throughout it.  To me, this tale clearly demonstrates God’s unconditional love for us. It’s easy to see how God had more fun in store for Brynn than if Brynn’s initial plans had worked out. No surprise….God’s plans were much better than Brynn’s! Rebecca discussed this point in her recent post where she talked about how God’s plan A for us always proves to be better than our Plan A.  Brynn surely found that out!

Even more, by “letting go and letting God” take over, God blessed Brynn in ways she could never have imagined, from delighting in High Tea with a best friend, to relaxing in a resort like setting, even to fulfilling one of Brynn’s bucket list items. No matter what one may plan, you just can’t outdo God!

As Brynn was relaying this tale to me, she mentioned that when the initial plans for the trip were falling apart and after she had prayed to God to intervene, God spoke to Brynn’s heart by saying, “I will bless you if you will let me because I love you.” How powerful is that? I find it’s not always easy to let God take the reins of my circumstances. In this case, Brynn did. And, obviously, He kept His word. Brynn got majorly blessed! I honestly believe God wants to bless each one of us just as much as He blessed Brynn, if we would just let Him. Why? Because He loves us!

For myself, sometimes I find I fuss with God so much that I hinder Him from blessing me as much as He would like.  I’m learning to stop all the fussing, and just let God be God in my life. I want all the blessings God wants to give me.  How about you?

Talk to you soon!  Please join our U Love chain here!

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