How Can Love Not Be The Answer?

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How Can Love Not Be The Answer?

From Rebecca:

Many of you know I’m a dancer. So, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that I LOVE the TV show, So You Think You can Dance (SYTYCD).  I was recently watching the show’s season finale, and I noticed that Paula Abdul was a judge on that episode. I especially like Paula Abdul’s personality because, despite her success and fame, she seems to show genuine kindness towards others.

On the shows where I’ve seen Paula act as a judge, I’ve often seen her exemplify U Love towards others. She seems to genuinely care for the contestants and shows a strong willingness to help them. On this particular episode of SYTYCD, she was no different.paula abdul

In the midst of one of her critiques, Paula made a comment that really stood out to me…..a comment that I thought was the epitome of the concept behind this entire blog. Paula said, “With all the uncertainty of war and hate in this world today, how can love not be the answer.” Wow, this was profound. Yahoo!!! Someone else gets what we’ve been expressing in this blog!

How true is the statement Paula made? This is exactly what we’ve been talking about in this blog. We see the world today going deeper and deeper into darkness. Hate and war seem to be reaching new heights. Tension between people and countries are on the rise. What is the antidote to so much hate? Love. The only answer is love…..God’s unconditional love. His love has the power to cut through hate, war, and strife between individuals, countries, and this whole world.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I have to quote a lyric from John Lennon, “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.” Obviously, we know there are other things we need in life besides love. But, Unconditional Love is what we need as our foundation. U Love is what we need to start mending wounds between individuals and beyond. U Love is what we need to start bringing repair to this world, and to start building up that which has been torn down by hate and strife.

You may be thinking, how is my showing love going to change the world? The problems in this world are too beyond me, what could I possibly do to help? Let me tell you, change starts with one person at a time. Change starts small, but can end up big if we all stay dedicated to making the change happen. And it starts with you and me.

If we all become determined to show U Love to one another, then U Love spreads everywhere. It keeps on spreading until, eventually, we’re all linked together in a chain of U Love that covers the whole world. That’s why we’ve been asking everyone to join our U Love chain each week, because we want to see this U Love movement begin to take action. That can only happen if as many people as possible catch on and make the spreading of U Love a reality!

There is only one solution to the hate and devastation that we see running rampant in the world today. I reiterate what Paula Abdul said, “How can love NOT be the answer?” Love is the only answer, and it starts with you and me. So let’s join together and begin to make U Love a reality in this world. What do you say?

Please join our U Love chain here!

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