There’s NOTHING You Can’t Handle With Him

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There’s NOTHING You Can’t Handle With Him

From Rebecca:

There’s a poster that I bought when I was a little girl which hangs on the wall of my office. I loved the saying written on it so much that I had it framed. This poster has been hanging on my wall ever since then. The reason I had the poster framed was because the words on the poster are incredibly powerful; plus they speak directly to my heart. So much so, that I wanted them to be displayed before me every day to remind me of their precious content.

The poster has a picture of an adorable, fuzzy, baby polar bear.  It reads, “Help me to remember, Lord, that nothing’s gonna happen today that you and me can’t handle together.” WOW! These words are quite simple, yet in their simplicity, they’re so profound.

That straightforward saying epitomizes the entire definition of God’s love, along with describing some of who God is.  The words remind us that NO MATTER WHAT we’re going through, big or small, God is right there in the midst of it with us. No matter how daunting a situation may seem, if God is with us, we really can conquer just apolar bear poster finalbout anything.

The truth is, whatever life may throw your way, it is not bigger than God. Rely on God, and He will always help you through it, somehow. At times, it may not seem like God is there, but He is. I know He is because His Word promises us that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us. Also, in Psalm 91, He says that He is with us in trouble, and gets us out of it. I count on that.

Think about it logically. If God is the most powerful being in the universe; and He promises that He’s with us through everything; there’d be nothing we could face in life that God couldn’t get us through! Since God is mighty over all; and everything is subject to God; then it naturally follows that every single situation that any human could ever go through is able to be handled with God’s help. God helps us in supernatural ways well beyond our human capabilities.

Here’s an example. Awhile ago, I prepared a sacred dance piece to perform at a large conference in front of thousands of people. The piece was somewhat challenging, and the dancers involved were not professionally trained; but I had worked in this type of situation in prior times and the outcome had turned out quite well. I felt sure that it would turn out wonderfully again. In the months prior to the performance, I and the other dancers worked hard to try to perfect the piece to make it “performance-ready.” All during the rehearsal process, though, the dance was not coming together as well as I had hoped.

Even on the day of the performance, during the stage dress rehearsal, everything went wrong. The dance piece was a mess, definitely not performance ready.  My dance partner dropped me out of a lift, the dancers did not execute the choreography correctly, and there was not a lot of time or cooperation from everyone to fix the problems. This caused the dress rehearsal to end in a huge argument. My dance partner and I both huffed away from the dress rehearsal in a fit. The whole piece was in disarray and it was only a few hours before the performance.

I was under major stress. I felt I had no choice but to seriously consider canceling the performance.  The situation seemed impossible. Being a dance professional, I simply couldn’t let a jumbled dance piece go on stage.  It was a dire situation that seemed to have only one ending in my view, a bad one. To find out the conclusion of this story, and God’s intervention, once again, check back here with me next week!

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