You Are God’s Top Priority

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You Are God’s Top Priority

From Rebecca:

In my last post I asked a very important question, “what kind of love do you think you deserve?” I went on to talk about what kind of love I USED to accept from others, which was more “unlove” you might say, rather than true love. But then I shared with you how that old mindset started to change. The first reason that mindset changed was because I began to fully accept, receive, and comprehend the fullness of God’s true, unconditional love for me. I know He wants that beautiful U Love for you, too. He makes His U Love available to each one of us.God's priorities cartoon

The second thing that changed my mindset about the kind of love I accept from others, is something that may seem small and insignificant to you, but, to me, it had a big impact. I was watching a Youtube video of a young couple interacting with one another. I noticed how the guy treated his girl. I had rarely seen a guy treat a girl this way; it was with such U Love, kindness, and patience, that it deeply affected me. You could see his girl was the guy’s treasure. You could see that he treasured her like a gem and treated her like she was his princess…..a top priority.

He was exemplifying God’s love to her. It was so beautiful. It made me realize that there ARE people out there who will treasure me and make me a priority rather than an afterthought. It made me see that there ARE people out there who will show me God’s U Love as best they can. It made me realize that this is the kind of love and treatment I should accept from others.  I made a decision that day to no longer settle for being an option to whomever may end up being my special someone.

I know that’s what God wants for me, too.  After all, this is how God treats us, as His priority and with great importance.  This is how He wants us to treat one another as well.  How do I know that God thinks we deserve perfect U Love? Because that’s what He shows us. And that’s what my mom and I have been trying to express in this blog.

Even though this is somewhat new to me, from now on, I’m trying to accept the kind of love God thinks I deserve.  This is a U Love kind of love, a God inspired kind of love. You can be sure that I’ll be trying to show that same love back to others, too. Think about it for yourself, because He thinks you deserve that same kind of God-inspired love too! So, what kind of love do you think you deserve now?

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