No More Running

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No More Running

 From Joan:

Rebecca made some really good points in her last post about the “Runaway Bride.”  I appreciated Rebecca’s transparency regarding her feelings about herself. It’s not easy to share some of those deeper feelings. Sometimes, they are actually hidden deep inside us, but can be uprooted with self examination.  I’ll try to follow Rebecca’s lead here and be more transparent on this subject of getting to know the true me.

First, back to the story of the “Runaway Bride.” Obviously, Maggie is an extreme example of someone running away from her real self.  As Rebecca points out, we don’t necessarily have to run away. An option is to confront the problem head on.  Some may say that this is not easy to do. For the sake of openness, I’ll admit that I’m actually one of those people who sometimes opts to run rather than to directly face the problem.running cartoon

I have found, though, that running does not lead to permanent resolution of the issues.  The issues seem to come up over and over again until I deal with them directly. I have also found that I can overcome most any struggle with God’s help.  If I lean on His wisdom, I get His help on everything. It is very reassuring to know that this is always an option for me. I should know by now that this should not be an option, but should be my first priority.

Coincidentally, just last week I was speaking with a spiritual leader about this topic of running away. It was his opinion that a person should identify the problems that make them run, and move forward past them.  His concern was that he did not want people to get stuck in the problem, which is valid. I think, for some people, this suggestion of pushing forward is practical. Others may not be able to accomplish this so readily (myself included here).

I know that for me to move on from a problem and not run, I need to understand all the “whys” of it.  I need to think the matter through very carefully. Once I understand it in its fullness (well, as best I can with each set of circumstances), I can settle the emotions surrounding the issue, and devise a plan to move forward past it.  This is my way to seek resolution.

It is difficult for me to move on without this process.  Perhaps there are others out there who feel the same as I do, or have their own strategy to move past problems in life.  My point is that, with God’s help, each one of us can develop practical strategies for facing life’s challenges so that we don’t get stuck in them. Without a strategy, we can fall into other destructive patterns (such as relying on drugs, alcohol, or other addictions) in order to cope.

There’s more to consider on this matter. For my concluding thoughts about all this, along with a compelling story to demonstrate my points (one that many of you will be able to relate to), please join me next post.

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