You Are Who God Says You Are

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You Are Who God Says You Are

From Joan:

Last post we left off talking about how, sometimes, people (myself included) run from life’s issues rather than face them head on.  I promised to give you a story to demonstrate my point. So, here we go….

Recently, my friend, Amy, called me to vent about an ongoing problem she has at work. Her boss treats her with disrespect, even though Amy tries her best to do a good job. The boss readily admits that he just doesn’t like Amy, so he treats her poorly in the hopes that she will quit. It’s no surprise that this makes Amy feel like she is ineffectual, to the point that she has begun to question her value at work. Understandably, it also makes her pretty angry.

Because Amy feels she is powerless to stop this situation, she admits she runs from it and binge eats instead. Amy knows that this is a destructive method of coping with the problem, but hasn’t been able to change course as yet. Amy has been so caught up in the emotion of the situation that she has been having difficulty sorting it out. I, on the other hand, have been giving this topic some serious thought while preparing for this post; so I was able to encourage Amy to stop running from the problem, and to face it by first recognizing who she really is, a very competent employee.binge eating cartoon

Further, I encouraged Amy not to take upon herself the boss’s opinion of her, but to be her true capable self at work. Frankly, I just think it’s crucial not to take in someone else’s negative opinions. As Amy began to calm down, we then brainstormed together to find some new strategies for her to deal with the problem rather than to resort to the old pattern of binge eating.  As Amy sorts this out in her mind, I am sure that she will be able to address this problem in a more constructive manner in the future. Go Amy!!!

My guess is that many of us can commiserate with Amy’s situation. It’s easy to see why Amy felt powerless, since she was in a subordinate position to her boss.  It’s difficult to tackle a predicament like that, head on. Nevertheless, even when those stressful circumstances arise, it is always best to devise constructive strategies to resolve the difficulties. It’s also good to know the true you, so that your resolve can be strong to face any dilemma head on!

To wrap this up, here’s what I’ve learned about life on this subject. Developing positive strategies to move past life’s problems is critical to ending up feeling fulfilled in life.  In Rebecca’s example of Maggie in the “Runaway Bride,” we see that Maggie finally understood this principle. She stopped running and, instead, figured out solutions to the problem of not really knowing who she was. This led Maggie to begin to directly face life, which then led to her “happily ever after” ending with Ike.

I know that life may not always end up as perfectly as did Maggie’s, but we can find contentment in life by being just who we are. The best place to begin establishing our true identity is to make God our best friend.  He will then help us to figure out how to deal with the rest.  Like Rebecca, I encourage everyone in this regard, myself included. For me, it’s been a long time coming!

See ‘ya next time.

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