Living On the Edge…….Literally

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Living On the Edge…….Literally

From Joan:

Last post I left you wondering how God helped my sister Brynn out of a precarious situation with her home. To recap, over four years ago, the wall supporting Brynn’s whole back yard caved in, falling down a twenty foot drop into the creek below, leaving Brynn wondering if her yard and her home would collapse down the hillside, too.

Repair estimates for the wall topped $100,000, way beyond what Brynn’s income in the ministry could allow.  Brynn was at her wits end trying to find a solution for the repair of the supporting wall.  Her situation was beyond frustrating; it was also dangerous. Brynn turned to God in fervent prayer for help.

God’s answer came in the form of an acquaintance of Brynn’s by the name of Keith. About a year ago, Keith, who knew about her dire situation, contacted Brynn and said that God had told him to rebuild her wall. Keith, who was quite experienced in building walls of this sort, said that he would build the wall himself (along with a group of volunteers) at no labor cost to her.  All she would need to supply was the building materials Keith would need.first_bags_for_the_wall blurred

Brynn was completely flabbergasted by Keith’s offer!  After all, Keith was only minimally acquainted with Brynn.  He was not someone she knew so well that he might feel inclined to jump in to help with the project.  Rebuilding such a massive structure would be a colossal undertaking.  When Brynn asked Keith why he would do this for her, he answered quite simply, “Because God said so.”  Wow, what obedience to God!  (Personally, I’ve always been impressed with Keith’s response.)

Here’s where the story gets even more interesting. Keith estimated that the cost of the building materials would be about $10,000. That would be Brynn’s obligation for the rebuild. Even though Brynn realized this was incredibly less costly than the original estimates for the wall, it was still completely out of her reach. She did not have that amount of money to put towards the repair of the wall. She was again at an impasse. All Brynn knew to do was pray.  So, again, she did just that.

Soon after Keith gave the news to Brynn about the cost of the building materials, the pastor from a church she used to attend called her.  Brynn had left that church because of personal reasons.  However, it was during Brynn’s time attending that church, that her wall caved in. The pastor knew of Brynn’s circumstances with the wall falling down.  But, after she left the church, there was no further communication between the two of them.

During the phone call to Brynn, the pastor told her that he had only just learned of her renewed financial need for the rebuilding of her wall. Although he did not know the exact details of Brynn’s need, the pastor revealed to Brynn that while she attended his church, and unbeknownst to her, he had taken up a special love offering for her from the church members.

The pastor explained that he had told the congregation that the offering was to help one of their members in great financial need. The congregation was encouraged by the pastor to be generous in their giving for this particular love offering. Before the pastor shared the news of the love offering with her, Brynn had left the congregation without any knowledge of the gift from the church.

There is much more to this tale. To find out the exciting end to this story (and trust me, it’s really good!!), check in with us next post.  The supernatural conclusion is one you will not want to miss!

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