Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles

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Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles

From Joan:

I hope you’ve been following this miraculous story of how God intervened to help my sister, Brynn, fix the wall that had caved in on her property.  We’re at the point in the story where God had prompted the pastor of a church Brynn had attended to take up a love offering in the congregation to help Brynn pay for the repairs to the wall.  Unfortunately, Brynn left the church before she found out about the funds that were collected to help her.  (To catch up on all the exciting events that led to this part, please check out my previous two posts).

Apparently, the pastor set aside the money for Brynn, and kept it for her after she left the congregation.  As soon as he learned that Brynn was moving forward to rebuild the wall, the pastor felt compelled to give her the gift since it was rightfully hers.  He sent the money right over to her. The amount the pastor sent was $13,500.

This was a bit confusing to Brynn.  She was surprised that the offering from the church exceeded by $3500 the cost needed to pay for the building materials.  God is usually right on target in these instances. Nevertheless, Brynn set the surplus money aside, thinking that if God supplied extra funds, He had a purpose for it.

Sure enough, as the work on the wall progressed, Keith realized that the building materials would cost more than the original estimate of $10,000.  Can you guess how much additional money was needed?  That’s right….$3500, the exact extra amount that the church had collected!

As the months progressed, Keith and his mighty band of voluntcompleted_walleers labored to finish Brynn’s wall. Theirs was a labor of love….mostly for God, but for Brynn, too, who was a friend in need. But, it became apparent over time that the amount of digging needed to excavate the dirt was getting to be burdensome for Keith. The digging was all being done by hand because professional equipment was not able to be used in that setting.  Wanting help for Keith, Brynn went to prayer again.

One of Brynn’s friends, who was familiar with the landscaping business, suggested that Brynn hire professional landscapers who could help Keith finish the excavation. The cost of the extra help would be another $3500.  The friend knew Brynn’s funds were depleted by that point, so the friend told Brynn that she could help raise some of the money.

The friend was successful in raising $1,000 from generous people with giving hearts who were willing to help someone in need that they didn’t even know.  Isn’t that something?  As if that were not enough, another of Brynn’s acquaintances contacted her and said, “God told me in a dream that I should donate $2,500 to your wall (which she did).”  This gave Brynn the extra $3500 needed to help Keith hire professional diggers.   I know this all seems unbelievable, but it is absolutely true.  

You know, I’ve told this story many times over to people.  And, I always cry when I get to the part where God supplies Brynn with the exact amount of money she needed to fix her wall (and from such unexpected sources, too). Why do I cry?  It’s because I get deeply moved at the depth of God’s love for Brynn.  And, I know that He has the same love for me (and for you, too).

As you can see in the corresponding picture, the wall was finally completed.  It is a sturdy, massive structure that should last a lifetime (and maybe beyond). The process as well as the final product was a major blessing to Brynn. I know her gratitude to everyone involved is immeasurable.  I also offer many thanks to God, Keith, Brynn’s friends, and all the volunteers who helped my sister out of a devastating situation.

FYI, there were numerous other minor miracles along the way during the rebuilding of the wall.  My version of the story does not cover all the many times that God intervened with assistance when help was desperately needed.  I’ve included here a brief video describing the miraculous rebuilding of the wall.  It’s worth watching.  I was quite moved by the obvious unconditional love so many people showed to Brynn.  I think you will be, too.

There’s not much more to add here.  This story speaks for itself. The helping hand of God can be seen in every part of this story.  He supernaturally moved on the hearts of many people to accomplish His plan to fix Brynn’s wall when she was not able to.  Through this, God, in all His U love, kindness, and majesty is gloriously revealed to us all.

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