Are You a Runaway?

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Are You a Runaway?

From Rebecca:

I’ve been helping my mom with some housecleaning lately (not something we like to do too often, LOL).  After we tackled cleaning out a cabinet in the family room in which videos are stored, I came across a movie that I hadn’t seen in years.  Have any of you seen the movie Runaway Bride, with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? I used to love watching that movie. So, I picked “Runaway Bride” out of my movie stash, and decided to give it another ‘long time coming’ viewing. You know what? I still love that movie.

As I was watching the movie, I could feel my heartstrings being tugged, along with some conviction that I had a bit of internal housecleaning to do (just like the runaway bride).  I knew with all those feelings being stirred up that a blog post was coming on. LOL. So, here we go.

The main character in the movie is Maggie Carpenter, played by Julia Roberts. Maggie is quite well-known in her small town of Hale for being the “Runaway Bride.” You see, Maggie keeps getting engaged to different men in her life, but on each wedding day, she runs from the man she’s about to marry, leaving them alone, confusedrunaway bride picture, and heartbroken at the altar.

Richard Gere plays Ike Graham, a well known newspaper columnist from New York City, who catches wind of this ongoing, small-town saga. Ike, in all his sarcasm, proceeds to write an extremely exaggerated and detrimental account of Maggie’s story in his newspaper.  Ike’s column basically devastates Maggie to the core.

Because of Ike’s unchecked facts and outlandish rendition of the real story, Ike gets fired from his job. Knowing there is some truth to his version and seeking vindication for himself and his story, Ike travels to Maggie’s small town of Hale to find out the genuine facts behind this runaway bride story.  This is when the plot heats up.

When Ike arrives in Hale, Maggie is already in her fourth relationship, preparing to marry, and Ike isn’t about to miss her “run” again. Ike follows Maggie everywhere around town, interviewing her friends and family, attempting to get the real scoop on this famed, running bride.  Then, the unexpected (or perhaps the predictable) happens.

Ike begins to see the real Maggie. He understands why she runs. And he begins to fall in love with her. (Didn’t I tell you this was predictable). Ike discovers that the motivation for Maggie’s running is that she doesn’t know who she truly is. In every relationship that Maggie has ever had, she’s morphed herself into what she “thought” her man wanted her to be, so that the man would love her.  

In the hopes that she would find true love, Maggie would continually mold her entire being into the perfect fit for whatever guy she loved at the moment. Through it all, Maggie lost herself. Maggie didn’t know who she truly was on the inside.  Can any of you relate to this? Maybe we’re not exactly like Maggie, but how many of us have tried to change something about ourselves, or mold a certain aspect of our personality, to fit what another person might want so they would love us? I know I’ve been there. I definitely used to struggle with that problem; but God showed me some strong ideas to correct that thinking…..but….you’ll have to wait ’til next post to hear about it.  Stay tuned for the revealing conclusion to the “Runaway Bride” tale, along with my take on the whole issue!!

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