And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

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And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

From Joan:

I’m always encouraged in my faith in God when I hear stories about how He works in unexpected ways to accomplish His loving will in our lives.  It seems to me that God can get incredibly creative in doing so. My sister, Brynn, recently had a major blessing occur in her life that demonstrates the surprising, but loving ways of God.  I hope you will also be encouraged when you hear how it all came about.

Let me begin by saying that I am incredibly proud of my sister Brynn.  She has not had an easy life. There have been many challenges to overcome; nevertheless, she has persevered as a faithful woman of God.  I admire her for it. (You go girl!)  before_rebuild blurred cropped

To continue, Brynn has worked in ministry for many years. Currently, her job is for a mission that helps the homeless. This type of employment has been more about helping people than about being financially lucrative.  Brynn has always been okay with this. Over the years, she has gotten used to living on a tight budget, along with trusting the Lord to provide for her necessities in life (which He has done in quite generous ways at times).  It took her many years of saving, but, about ten years ago, Brynn was finally able to purchase a house!!!

The house is quite modest, but has a small, lovely backyard with a deck that overlooks a peaceful creek. There is a twenty foot drop-off from the edge of Brynn’s yard down to the actual creek. To keep the ground in the drop-off upright, there was a massive retaining wall holding the ground in place.

About five years ago, the entire wall caved in and fell down. (The corresponding picture does not show the extent of damage.  It was far more significant than is visible in the photo). No one was completely sure why the wall fell, but it did. There was conjecture that rainwater which was being diverted over the wall weakened the structure over time. The original wall wasn’t that secure to begin with. The day of the cave in, there was a deluge of rain (the worst ever experienced in her area), which simply caused the wall to collapse.

Since the wall’s fall, Brynn’s backyard had been in danger of caving in (along with her deck and, possibly her home, too).  You can imagine that this was a deeply distressing situation for her. Brynn told me that every day when she left home for work, she wasn’t sure her house would be there upon her return. She said that she would pray daily that her house would not fall over the hill, too (especially with her in it, no joke).

Naturally, Brynn spoke to many engineers and contractors to investigate how to go about rebuilding the wall properly. Of utmost concern was for the wall to be structurally sound so that it would not be at risk for another cave-in. Cost estimates to accomplish this task were upwards to $100,000 for the rebuild.

That was overwhelming to Brynn. The repair would be close to the entire cost of her house!  And, on her budget, she wondered how she would ever manage to pay for it. To Brynn, the situation seemed impossible to solve. The only thing she knew to do was to take the problem to the Lord. She knew He would have answers.

For four years, Brynn lived in this precarious situation praying faithfully for God to intervene and help her. During that time, there were a few different solutions that appeared to be the answer, but none came to fruition. It seemed that for each solution, either it was too expensive or too impractical. I can’t explain why there was a four year delay in getting an answer about how to fix the wall. I can tell you that during those years of struggle, Brynn’s faith in God grew substantially. (So did the faith of others involved in praying for Brynn about this issue…myself included). Through this, we all learned that, as we keep our eyes on God, He will act on our behalf.

There is much more to this story that will inspire you.  To find out the next part where God blesses Brynn with supernatural miracles, please check in with us next time!   

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