Generous To A Fault

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Generous To A Fault

From Rebecca:

I’m just going to start this post off right away with a super silly story, OK? I can’t wait to tell it. LOL. When I was a very young girl, maybe four years old, my mom was teaching me about being generous, and how to put that into action. One day, my mom had a doctor’s appointment, and, as always, my mom took me along with her. When my mom and I got to the doctor’s office, the waiting room was filled with people. So we took a seat in any available chair and waited, and waited…..and waited.

Then, at one point, a nurse came over to my mom to speak with her about filling out some medical paperwork. While my mom was distracted talking to the nurse, I, little Rebecca, stuck my hand into my mother’s purse and pulled out my mother’s wallet. I was very focused on a mission I had in mind. I then proceeded to take ALL of the money that was in my mom’s wallet (which amounted to a couple of hundred dollars) and went around the entire waiting room, to each and every person, and generously (or so I thought) gave all of my mother’s money away. Can you imagine? Everyone took the money!

It’s obvious that in my youthful innocence, I was trying to demonstrate the “generosity” principle which my mom had been teaching me. And let me tell you, the people in the wthree year old rebecca aiting room didn’t mind my generosity one bit! When my mom finished speaking to the nurse, she turned around only to find every bit of her money now in the hands of all the other people in the waiting room. I sat next to mom beaming like a proud peacock at my accomplishment. I waited for my mom’s praise at my good deed. None came. She gasped, panicked, instead.

My mom’s little “generosity” teaching had backfired. OY! She didn’t count on the unusual way I would carry it out. My mom was now faced with a dilemma. She had indeed taught me to be generous, and, in my four year old thinking, I thought that I had been just that; but, my mom obviously needed her money returned. Yet, she didn’t want to confuse me or hurt my proud little self. Nevertheless, she clearly needed to get that money back.

So, my mom kindly went to each person in the waiting room, and sensitively explained the situation, after which they all gave the money back. (Between you and me, I don’t know why they would have taken money from a four year old anyway, but that’s just me.)  My mom then proceeded to explain to me the error in what I had just done, while still trying to gently keep intact the content of her original teaching. Somehow, it all worked out in my youthful mind, and I ended up understanding what my mom was trying to relay to me.

Now, this story, I have to admit, is quite hilarious. (Maybe it wasn’t to my mom at the time.)  But looking back on it now, years later, we can laugh. You may be wondering what this story has to do with U Love!? As a matter of fact, it has a few things to do with it. BUT….you’ll have to check back with me next post to find out the interesting and important ways this whole, silly story connects with U Love and our lives!! So, see you next time!

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