Who Are You, Really?

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Who Are You, Really?

From Rebecca:

Last week I left off telling you about the “Runaway Bride” tale of Maggie Carpenter and Ike Graham. Hope you’re ready for the conclusion, ’cause here we go!

Maggie, because she constantly tries to morph herself into what her beloved “man of the moment” wants, loses herself and doesn’t know who she truly is on the inside. Maggie became a man pleaser. She would walk down the aisle time after time to a man who thought they knew the real Maggie, when, in fact, they only knew a fabrication of the real Maggie. After so many attempts at this, Maggie didn’t even know who she was anymore. Somewhere inside of her, Maggie knew she couldn’t marry someone who didn’t know the genuine Maggie. So, she would run.

Ike saw through to the true Maggie. So, Ike manages to convince Maggie to spend time learning about herself.  After stripping herself of all of the other “women” she had tried to be for men, Maggie finds her true self. She is then able to accept herself, and to accept genuine love from Ike. Once this break-through takes place, Maggie is able to commit to the man that loves the real her. Maggie begins to love the real “her,” also.  By the end of the movie, Maggie is able to finally marry Ike!  (Yes, this was a real tear jerkerunning bride cartoonr.)

This story spoke to my heart. It reminded me of feelings I’ve gone through in the past. No, I’ve never been a runaway bride, but sometimes I would want so much for someone to like me that I would try to change myself into the other’s opinion of me, rather than be my true self.  Maybe some of you have gone through this too?

I have mentioned this in previous posts, how God has shown me over the years that He has made me fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely, unlike any other (the same goes for you!).  I just need to be confident in whom He made me, and in His undying love for me. I don’t need to feel like I have to change myself for another to love me, because God loves me just the way I am. Nothing will change that.  This helps to make me feel secure in who I am.

As I’ve said before, I know God has people out there who will love me for my real self. If I’m always trying to “change” to be what other people want, I won’t let my unique, self shine through!  God made each of us distinctive and different, because if everyone were the same, that would be boring! LOL. God makes no mistakes; none of us are a mistake.  And if others don’t love us for whom we are, than that’s their issue.

It’s too hard to feel like I have to morph into what another person wants. It’s way more relaxing and enjoyable to just be who God made me, and to trust Him to provide people in my life who will love the real me, quirks and all. This is something I work on regularly. I’m by no means perfect with it yet, but I’m a work in progress.

I also encourage you to know this day that you are beautiful and wonderful just the way God made you.  Be yourself, and love yourself the way God loves you. And, as you become content in who you are in God, and what He thinks of you, that will shine through to others impacting them (and you) in a positive way! You are loved!

See ‘ya next time.

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